Helpwise WhatsApp Inbox

WhatsApp Business Inbox For Teams

The 1.5 billion active users of WhatsApp are spread across the globe. The app has a presence in 180 out of 193 countries in the world. Millions of business use WhatsApp business account to connect with their’s customers. WhatsApp business inbox by Helpwise allows you to create a shared inbox for your WhatsApp business account and collaborate with your team members.

What is 360Dialog and What they do?

360Dialog provides the WhatsApp Business API & Mobile Automation Solutions where you can enable the WhatsApp business API, convert your personal number to WhatsApp business number, migrate from other WhatsApp BSP (Business Solution Provider) to 360Dialog BSP. It is an authorized business partner with Facebook. Click me to know more about this.

Create WhatsApp inbox in Helpwise

  • Login to your Helpwise Account.
  • Click on the Inboxes at the top navigation bar and then click on the “+Add Inbox button”.
  • You will be redirected to the create inbox page where you can see multiple types of inboxes.
  • Click on the WhatsApp card and you will see the page of create WhatsApp inbox using 360Dialog.
  • Now you can see the three different options for creating an inbox:-
  1. Convert Personal To Business Account
  2. Enable WhatsApp Business APIs
  3. Migrate From Other BSP

Convert Personal To Business Account

Suppose if you are using your own WhatsApp personal number and want to convert your personal number to a WhatsApp business number and enable the WhatsApp business API to communicate with your customer directly from the API then you need to choose the first option in order to set up your Helpwise WhatsApp inbox.

Enable WhatsApp Business APIs

Suppose if you are already using the WhatsApp business number then you need to enable the WhatsApp business API in order to communicate with your customers from the business API. Helpwise basically uses the WhatsApp business API in order to send and receive messages from the customer’s WhatsApp number.

Migrate from other BSP

Suppose if you are already using any other third-party WhatsApp business API like Twilio, Wati, MessageBird, etc then you need to fill this form to shift or migrate your existing provider to the 360Dialog.

Fill the above form and follow the all steps in the form. After you filled the form and complete the whole process then 360Dialog will provide an API Key. Once you get the API key then go back again to Helpwise create 360Dialog inbox page and click on the “Enter Your 360Dialog API key.

  • Type the mailbox name which you want and enter the 360Dialog API key and click on the Next button.
  • Helpwise will automatically fetch your WhatsApp number and ask about your team member which you want to share with.
  • Once you choose the team members then click on the Next button and you will be redirected to the Helpwise WhatsApp inbox.

Your inbox setup should be complete 🎉 Test the connection by sending a message into your team inbox from another WhatsApp number (like your personal phone). Your message should show up immediately in Helpwise.

You can also schedule a free demo, to know more about Helpwise and 360Dialog WhatsApp inbox.