Helpwise Outlook Two-way sync integrates your Outlook account on Helpwise in such a way that it syncs all of your emails between Outlook and Helpwise Helpwise Account. Once you connect your Outlook account with Helpwise then your all emails from outlook will automatically get fetched in your Helpwise account.

Learn How to Connect your Helpwise with Outlook

Below you can see a list of all the Helpwise actions that sync with Helpwise

Helpwise Outlook Sync
Now, what does Helpwise Sync with Outlook and vice versa?
  • Email Receive:- Helpwise will automatically receive your Outlook’s email and show you in Helpwise in realtime.
  • Email Sent:- When you send an email from Helpwise, you can see your sent email in the Sent folder of Outlook. If you Sent an email from Outlook, you’ll be able to see the same sent email in Helpwise in the Sent folder of your shared email inbox.
  • Conversation Read/Unread:- Reflect on your Outlook and vice versa according to to read/unread status.
  • Email Deleted/Archive/Spam:- If you delete, archive, or mark the conversation as spam your from Helpwise, the same action will automatically take place in your Outlook account and it will get reflected in the Outlook Inbox. The same happens if you take an action in the Outlook inbox, it will reflect in your Helpwise account.
  • Tag Added/Removed:- If you apply a tag on a conversation in Helpwise, the same tag will get applied to the conversation on Outlook automatically. If you move the conversation from one folder to another folder in Outlook then you’ll be able to see your conversation in Helpwise with the same tag name. The same thing will happen if you remove the tag.
  • Email Snooze:- If you snooze an email in Helpwise then the same snoozed conversation will move to the Snooze folder of Outlook.
    Note: If you move the conversation to the snooze folder in Outlook then Helpwise won’t reflect your conversation to your Snooze folder.
  • Email Snooze Expiry:- If the snooze expires then your conversation will move to the Inbox folder of Outlook automatically.

Note: Helpwise currently does not support read or unread sync with Outlook. As read / unread is unique to each one of your team members, read/unread does not get synced. If your team member has read the conversation on Helpwise, it will appear as read-only for them and vice versa (for unread).

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