We get it; your inbox can be a chaotic jungle of promotions, updates, and social notifications. But now, managing your emails has never been easier. With our intuitive category folders, you can neatly organize your inbox and ensure that those crucial messages stay front and center in your primary inbox, just like Gmail. Say goodbye to email overload and hello to a clutter-free, super-efficient inbox management experience!

How does it work?

For Gmail inboxes, we directly implement the data provided by Gmail for categorizing emails. However, for other email providers, our proprietary AI algorithm is used for email categorization.

Navigating the New Categories:

  • Social: The ‘Social’ category segregates social media emails, allowing you to manage important conversations and social updates in your inbox separately and effectively.
  • Promotions: The ‘Promotions’ category is dedicated to marketing emails, newsletters, and promotional content. By segregating promotional material, users can easily sift through and engage with these messages at their convenience, maintaining a cleaner and more organized inbox.
  • Updates: The ‘Updates’ category centralizes emails related to system updates, subscriptions, and notifications. This ensures that important information regarding changes to services or subscriptions is readily accessible without getting lost in daily interactions.
  • Forums: The ‘Forums’ category is tailored for emails from discussion boards, community forums, and collaborative platforms. By isolating these communications, users can efficiently manage and participate in forum discussions without cluttering their primary inbox with non-essential messages.

How to turn this feature on?

You can turn this feature on by simply going to your email inbox settings from Manage >> Inboxes, and select the relevant email inbox here. Scroll down and select the ‘Auto-categorise’ option in the Helpwise Magic section. 

The Benefits of New Categories:

  • Enhanced Organization: The introduction of these new categories ensures that you can quickly locate and engage with all your important conversations without any distractions.
  • Improved Focus: With emails neatly categorized, users can maintain a focused approach to their communications. Whether it’s attending to social updates, reviewing promotions, staying informed about system updates, or participating in forum discussions, the new categories allow for targeted and efficient interaction.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The familiarity of categories such as ‘Social,’ ‘Promotions,’ ‘Updates,’ and ‘Forums’ mirrors the experience users may have with native email providers, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal learning curve.
  • Reduced Clutter: By segregating emails into specific categories, you can now enjoy a cleaner and more organized email space, allowing for a more pleasant and stress-free email management experience.

Helpwise’s recent introduction of new email categories marks a significant step towards providing users with a seamless and intuitive email management experience.

Explore the full potential of shared inboxes with Helpwise for a smooth communication workflow. Whether you’re an agent or administrator, we have everything you need to set you up for success.

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