Helpwise already has an amazing search option which can search your specific input everywhere in a conversation. Today, we announce the advanced search feature . This features allows you to narrow down your search results according the parameters provided.

With this, you can now search faster and more accurately. This will filter out the unnecessary results according to the parameters provided.  Leading to increased productivity and will save your time.

Advances search dropdown
  • From : Filter the conversations received from a specific contact.
  • To : Filter the conversations sent to a specific contact.
  • Cc : Filter the conversations based on the contact in your cc field.
  • Bcc: Filter the conversations based on the contact in your bcc field.
  • Has word : Filter the conversations based on a specific content in body.
  • Subject: Filter your search based on the specific content in your subject field.
  • Start date & End date: You can filter the conversations received between a specific time period.

Fill the parameters, to be considered for filtering of search results. You can choose any number of filters to match your desired results.