Helpwise’s mobile app now supports Instagram Direct messages as a channel for customer service. With the Helpwise Mobile App, you can now interact with customers on Instagram in real-time.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that many of your customers are likely already using, so an Instagram Direct channel in Helpwise can provide a convenient and familiar means of communication.

💡Learn how to set up instagram direct message as a channel in Helpwise

Key Features of Instagram Direct Message as a channel in the Helpwise App

  • Send and receive Instagram Direct messages in real time.
  • Assign your client conversations to your team members.
  • Chat internally with your team members and mention them to notify them about your message.
  • Apply tags to your conversation for better analytics.
  • Leave a note or mention your team on the conversation thread.
  • Conversations will be synced instantly in Instagram so no need to shift between platforms.

Start using Helpwise’s Mobile App to communicate with customers on Instagram.

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