Helpwise keyboard shortcuts allows you to navigate quickly to different section of your mailbox, compose email, assign email etc.

Here are few shortcut keys that you can use:


  • g+m to navigate to mine.
  • g+i (mac & windows) to navigate to inbox.
  • g+u to navigate to unassigned.
  • g+s to navigate to sent.
  • While you are on your inbox or sent section, press option+right (mac) or alt+right (windows) to open the next page. Similarly, option+left (mac) or alt+left (windows) to open the previous page.

Close a conversation:

Use option+c (mac) or alt+c (windows) to close an active conversation, which you have currently opened.

Assign a conversation to yourself:

When you have opened a thread and want to assign it yourself, just press option+a (if you are on mac) or alt+a (for windows).

Compose an email:

Just use cmd + shift + c(mac) and ctrl+shift+c(windows) for creating new email.

Send the email:

After writing your email, just use command+enter (mac) ctrl+enter (windows) for sending the email.

Quick Saved Replies:

If you want to insert saved replied quickly, you can type the # key to pull up the Quick Saved Replies to insert the saved reply.

Helpwise shortcut keys allows you to boost your productivity.