Today, we have launched our Zapier integration. It allows you to integrate your Helpwise account with 1500+ apps.

Helpwise integration with Zapier includes following Actions and Triggers:

  • Comment Added [Trigger] – You can trigger your Zap whenever someone adds a comment.
  • Inbound Email [Trigger] – Whenever you will receive an email on your Helpwise account, the Zap will be triggered.
  • Tag Added [Trigger] – Trigger your Zap whenever you tag an email thread in Helpwise.
  • Send an Email [Action] – This action allows you to send an email via Helpwise.
  • Tag a Thread [Action] – It allows you to tag a thread in your Helpwise account using this action.

Learn how to connect your Zapier account with Helpwise

To understand how this integration can be used with Helpwise, read this sample use case: Send an email using Helpwise when a new card is added in Trello Board.

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