Setup a SMS shared inbox in your Helpwise account using your Twilio SMS number. From Helpwise-Twilio integration you can send and receive the SMS directly from Helpwise,

Learn how to integrate your Twilio with Helpwise.

sms shared inbox of helpwise

Once you successfully connected your Twilio Number with Helpwise, you can add team members to your shared inbox. Here are the list of various features of Helpwise SMS shared inbox:

  • You can schedule your SMS any time.
  • You can assign the specific number thread to your team member.
  • You can leave a note and also mention your team member in SMS conversations.
  • You can view who is currently viewing the SMS thread.
  • You can also add the tag for your lead customers.
  • Collision detection in SMS thread. When your team member reply to a sms then you can view who is replying the SMS thread.

For more information on Twilio integration with Helpwise for shared SMS channel, book a free demo with our product expert.