Now you can create Facebook comments shared inbox on Helpwise 🎉. We already had Facebook messenger in Helpwise, now we have added comments inbox as well. Customers are highly active on social media these days and providing support to customers quickly on their social media accounts is every company’s topmost priority.

Working on multiple platforms to handle your customer queries is a pain. To handle this, the Helpwise team has brought a shared inbox for your company’s Facebook comments page.

Now you can not only manage your sales/support emails, customer SMS or WhatsApp, or messages on your Live Chat widget but you can now reply to their messages on your Facebook page as well!

Comments in Helpwise
How they are going look on Facebook

How to set up Facebook comments shared inbox?

Once you have successfully set up a shared inbox for your Facebook Page on Helpwise, you can add team members to collaborate with them.

Here are some of the features of this inbox:

  • Send, receive and reply to comments in real-time.
  • Assign the conversation thread to your team members.
  • Track which member has replied to the conversation thread.
  • Chat internally with your team members and mention them to notify them about your comments.
  • Apply tags to your conversation for better analytics.
  • Check who is currently viewing and replying to a specific thread.
  • Leave a note or mention your team on the conversation thread.
  • Your comments are instantaneously synced to Facebook so no need to switch between platforms.