Our engineering team released the personal inbox feature this week. Now you can manage all your emails at one place.

No more switching tabs to manage your personal email at different place. Easily switch inboxes from within Helpwise and manage all your emails. Also, you can get notified about all the emails at one place.

How to setup Personal inbox?

Here are the steps:

  • Click on Helpwise logo on the top and Personal Inbox under add new inbox.
Helpwise dashboard page
  • Enter the name of the inbox and the email address.
create personal inbox in helpwise
  • Copy the forwarding address for your Helpwise inbox from here and forward your emails to this address in order to receive emails in your Helpwise inbox. Here is the link to know more about forwarding emails from Gmail account –
  • Click on continue and that’s it, your personal inbox is now setup. You can choose the right outbound settings for your inbox from the inbox settings page – https://app.helpwise.io/settings/inboxes.

Once you have your inbox settings in place, you will start receiving emails in your new inbox. You can easily switch between inboxes in your Helpwise account and the shared inbox from the Inboxes drop down on the top.

For any assistance feel free to reach out to our chat support or schedule a call with us from here – https://helpwise.io/demo.