We are excited to share that Helpwise shared inbox iPhone app went live on App Store last night. You can now use the Helpwise iPhone app to track all the emails coming to your shared inbox, leave notes and track unattended conversations.

Download the iOS App from here – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/helpwise/id1503985272.

Manage All Your Inboxes At One Place

Easily track emails coming to your multiple team inboxes. Helpwise iOS app allows you to easily switch from one team inbox to another and track their emails.

Now you can keep track of unattended email conversation on the go. Also, you can track number of conversation assigned to your or your team member.

helpwise ios app iinboxes section

Track Your Emails

Now you can manage all the emails on the go.

By switching to any of the inbox, you can easily track all the email of it. Track the emails assigned to you or your team members. You can also keep track of unassigned emails. Tap on any on conversation to open the thread which contains the email and notes left by your team member.

Send Emails From Your Mobile

Now, you can also start new conversation or reply in any conversation directly from your Mobile. Easy to use Helpwise iOS email editor allows you to add styling to your text, create links and add images in your email.

send email from Helpwise iOS app

Helpwise is a shared inbox software for your team email, WhatsApp and SMS. Get started for free, sign up here – https://helpwise.io/signup.