WhatsApp is an essential part of our lives, with over 1 billion monthly active users. With such widespread popularity, e-commerce and other B2C companies are quickly adopting WhatsApp for their customers! However, dealing with customer queries using individual WhatsApp Business numbers or Third Party Applications is challenging. 

With Whatsapp Cloud API now available and hosted on the Meta cloud, you no longer need to pay to host your WhatsApp Business API on our platform. By integrating WhatsApp with Helpwise, you can build a WhatsApp Shared inbox in Helpwise. You can quickly receive and send WhatsApp messages with media from Helpwise. You can share a single WhatsApp number with your customers for their queries – your team can seamlessly collaborate on all queries using Helpwise.

Learn how to create WhatsApp Shared Inbox in Helpwise

How to take advantage of Whatsapp Shared inbox using Cloud API in Helpwise?

  • Advantages of Cloud API: In just a few minutes, any business can easily access the WhatsApp Cloud API service and build directly on top of WhatsApp to customise their experience. It will give them instant access to new features as they arrive through API.
  • Functionalities with Helpwise: Shared Whatsapp inboxes serve the purpose of letting multiple team members log in and work on responding to customers. As a result, no requests are overlooked by the team, response times are tracked, and more!
  • Customise experience for infrastructural improvements: Developers can now more focus on WhatsApp SaaS product features instead of managing the infrastructure of WhatsApp Business API.
Whatsapp Cloud

Here are the list of various features of Helpwise WhatsApp shared inbox:

  • Receive and send messages with media in real-time.
  • Know the status(Read, Sent, Delivered) of the messages in real-time.
  • Collision detection is when any of your team members reply to the same number’s conversation.
  • Assign the conversation to the right team member.
  • You can leave a note and also mention your team member in the message conversation.
  • Schedule WhatsApp reply at your specific time.
  • Auto Reply to the WhatsApp message during your non-working hours or days.
  • You can also add the tags to conversations.

As the business owner, you have comprehensive insight into every activity your support team performs. You can monitor client chats and, if necessary, take over a conversation where the support team left off.

For more information on WhatsApp Shared inbox, you can book a free demo with our product expert.