Effective customer support is vital for businesses to thrive, but language barriers often hinder communication and productivity.
With the mission to be a global go-to tool for your customer communication, Helpwise now integrates with DeepL to provide seamless translation across 50+ languages. This integration empowers businesses to communicate seamlessly across languages, opening doors to enhanced collaboration and improved customer satisfaction. 

💡 Learn how to configure Helpwise’s DeepL integration

What can you do with Helpwise’s DeepL Integration?

Helpwise‘s DeepL integration makes it easy for you to communicate seamlessly with customers and colleagues across language boundaries. Let’s look into the key features and their value add in revolutionizing customer support workflows.

Key features:

  • Real-Time Translation for Instant Communication: The integration offers real-time translation capabilities, all you need to do is to select the draft and instantly translate them.
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  • Customizable Language Preferences: The integration allows customer support agents to respond promptly in the recipient’s preferred language across 50+ languages. Ultimately, eliminating delays caused by language barriers.
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With the ability to engage in fluid conversations, customer support teams can address queries and concerns efficiently, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced response times.

Note: To enable Helpwise’s DeepL integration for translation, you must have a pro-DeepL account.

Now start using Helpwise to interact with your customers across various channels. Automate your customer service with automation workflows and various integrations.

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