We are excited to announce the release of a new regex filter in Helpwise automation rules. Regex pattern empowers you to create more complex and precise filters using regular expressions (regex). You can now set up advanced rules to filter conversations based on specific patterns within fields such as “from,” “to,” “cc,” “subject,” and “body.” This update opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for organizing and automating your email workflows.

What is Regex?

Regular expressions, commonly known as regex, are powerful patterns used for matching and manipulating text. They provide a flexible and efficient way to search for, validate, and extract specific patterns of characters within a string. By using regex, you can create sophisticated filters that match specific patterns and take automated actions accordingly.

How Does Regex Benefit You?

  • Enhanced Precision:
    Regex enables you to set up more precise rules by defining specific patterns to match in various email fields. You can go beyond simple keywords and leverage the full power of regex to capture complex patterns, such as wildcards or specific data formats.
  • Customized Filtering:
    With regex, you can easily identify and filter emails that meet specific criteria. For example, you can create rules to trigger actions based on the presence of a certain word in the body of an email or filter messages from a particular domain or sender name pattern.
  • Automation and Workflow Optimization:
    The ability to create more sophisticated rules using regex empowers you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your email management. You can automatically assign conversations to specific team members, apply tags, prioritize urgent emails, or categorize messages based on customized criteria.

How to Use Regex Patterns in Helpwise Rules:

Using regex patterns in Helpwise rules allows for advanced filtering based on specific patterns within key fields. Here’s how you can leverage this feature effectively:

Use case A: 
To automate workflows for emails received from specific email IDs, you can utilize regex patterns.
If you want to create rules that apply to emails from any @helpwise domain then enter the corresponding regex pattern.


Use case B: 
If you want to automate workflows specifically for emails received from certain email IDs that include the “noreply” prompt. For example, noreply@helpwise domain, regex patterns can be a powerful tool. You can use the following prompt for the regex pattern.


Use case C:
To automate workflows for emails which contain certain words in the subject line or body, you can utilize regex patterns. If you want to create rules that apply to emails with the word ‘URGENT’, enter the corresponding regex pattern.


Activate the feature today and take control of your email management like never before. Let regex patterns revolutionize your rule filters and streamline your communication processes in Helpwise.

Note: You can create regex using any generative tool (ChatGPT, Bard) and can test the corresponding regex on regex101.com

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