For support teams, delivering exceptional customer experiences is a top priority. However, responding to customer inquiries can often be time-consuming and challenging, particularly when dealing with long and complex conversations. To address this pain point, Helpwise has recently introduced two new AI-powered features that can help support teams collaborate more efficiently and draft higher-quality responses faster.

Introducing AI-powered features in Helpwise

Conversation Summarization: One of the key features introduced by Helpwise is the ability to summarize long conversations using AI. With this feature, support teams can generate an automated summary, saving time and reducing the risk of miscommunication. This enables them to work together more effectively to resolve customer issues.

Draft Rephrase: Helpwise’s AI draft rephrase feature allows users to instantly rephrase their draft messages, freeing up time to refine and polish their responses. Support agents under pressure to respond quickly can provide high-quality responses to customers with just a few clicks.

Note: Helpwise‘s newly AI-powered features are currently in beta testing and powered by ChatGPT’s APIs.

Start taking advantage of these new features today to streamline your collaboration and improve your customer communication workflows.

With AI-powered conversation summarization and draft rephrasing, you can boost your support team’s productivity, reduce response times, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Now start using Helpwise to interact with your customers across various channels. Automate your customer service with automation workflows and various integrations.

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