A better and upgraded version of managing Gmail conversations within Helpwise. Using the Gmail Shared inbox, customers can manage their Gmail conversation with their team members on Helpwise and easily assign, tag, delegate conversations, and much more!

“Connect with Google” and you’re good to go

Why we built it?

At Helpwise, we believe in making our customer’s lives easier. Earlier you had to go through the hassle of setting up an email forwarding to be able to create an Email shared inbox using your Gmail id. This was a time-taking method and you didn’t have any control over the emails that were being forwarded. So we came up with a better, faster, and more secure way of integrating with Google.

This is why we thought of getting integrated with Google officially so that we can welcome the Google Workspace family of apps into Helpwise for our customers.

So how does this benefit you? Essentially, you can now send and receive emails in a much more secure manner that is verified by Google.

Now about the feature itself, using the Gmail Shared Inbox feature, you can create inboxes instantly by connecting your Google account without worry about setting up an email forwarding.

This integration allows us to fetch the emails directly from Gmail instead of forwarding hence, making the process more user friendly and efficient and allows you to maintain 2-way sync between both platforms.

How it improves your workflow?

The new sync setup with Gmail not only offers a more secure way of bringing emails into Helpwise, but it also allows you to keep your Gmail Inbox clean along with Helpwise.

How you may ask? Well, it syncs all of your actions, tags, messages between both platforms allowing you to keep your Gmail inbox clean while your team uses Helpwise to manage the customer conversations.

How does it work?

The 2-way Gmail sync feature allows you to maintain sync for the following things between Helpwise & Gmail:

✅ Emails and conversations – Helpwise starts importing your existing Gmail conversations into your shared inbox on Helpwise. This means you’ll be able to manage your previous old Gmail conversations as well as the future incoming conversations with your team members on Helpwise.

✅ Labels or tags – Most of us use Labels on Gmail to organize emails. Helpwise imports your labels with the emails so you don’t have to set them up again on Helpwise. And Helpwise has a feature called tags that works similarly to the Labels feature on Gmail. So when a tag is added to a conversation in Helpwise it will show up on Gmail as a label.

✅ Actions reflect on both platforms – Actions on Gmail such as Archive/Mark as Spam/Move to Inbox/Trash/Read/Unread automatically get reflected on Helpwise as well and vice versa.

Want to know how to set it up? Check out this help article