An SLA breach happens when your agents don’t resolve customer queries in time. You’ve effectively breached your promise to your customers that you’ll assist them within a specified time frame.
While SLAs help to ensure that customers receive the level of service they expect, breaches of those agreements sometimes happen. Hence, we are introducing SLA Breach notifications to make sure the cases that have breached their SLAs get the attention they need.

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How to get notified when there is an SLA breach

SLA-breach notification in Helpwise lets you get notified in case any breach has occurred in your customer service communications. To get notified about any breach:

  • Step 1: Add notify action in the SLA rule
    When you create an SLA rule, add a notify action and then select the team members who will be notified in case of any SLA violation.
Notify action for SLA breach
  • Step 2: Enable SLABreach from the notification Center.
    Now head over to the notification center and enable the notifications for any breach. The team members added in the notify action in your rule will be notified about any breach via the selected notification options – desktop, mobile app and/or email notifications.
Notification center for sla

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