Tags in Helpwise allow for easy categorization and organization of customer conversations based on specific topics or issues. Using tags streamlines the support process, making it easier for support teams to manage and respond to customer tickets efficiently and effectively.
However, over time, the number of tags can become overwhelming, especially if there are duplicates or unused tags. To streamline customer conversation management we have released the archiving tags feature in our tag management. Archiving tags can help with organization, historical reporting, compliance, and searchability.

What is archiving of tags?

Archiving tags allows customer service administrators to organise the tags created on Helpwise. By archiving the tags, customer support can not further use the specific tag to categorise the conversations. Archived tags are historically ever present in previously tagged conversations.

How can archived tags help you in your conversation management?

  • Organization: Over time, the number of tags in a helpdesk tool can become overwhelming, especially if there are duplicates or unused tags. Archiving tags helps to keep the list of active tags streamlined and easy to manage.
  • Historical Reporting: Archived tags are still associated with closed tickets, and can be used for historical reporting and analysis. For example, if a particular tag was used frequently a year ago, but is no longer in use, it can still be used for trend analysis and identifying potential areas for improvement.
  • Compliance: Depending on the industry and company regulations, archived tags may be required for compliance purposes. Archiving tags ensures that important information is still retained even if it is no longer in active use.
  • Searchability: When searching for specific tickets or issues, having a large number of unused tags can make it difficult to find what you are looking for. Archiving tags can improve searchability and help support teams find the information they need more quickly.

How to archive an active tag?

  • Step 1: Go to the manage tag setting
  • Step 2: Select the tag which you want to archive
  • Step 3: Click the archive option

💡 New updates in the tag management

  • Tag filter: To filter the list of all active and archived tags.
  • Multiple selections: Multi-select option for tags which allows you to delete the tags and/or archive or unarchive them.
    Note: Selecting active and archive tags will only allow you to select the delete option
  • Sorting option: You can now sort the tag using Tag Name or Created on columns.

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