We recently released our most exciting feature called “Zenbox“. It is an anxiety free unified inbox which allows you to see relevant conversations from different team inboxes at one place.

With this not only you get to see conversations from different mediums at one place, but also view conversation you actually take action on.

Now you can configure the Zenbox to show you the conversations from different inboxes, according to your preference. This allows you to control from which inbox you wish to the conversations in your Zenbox inbox. Not only this, you can also decide what type of conversations are important to you. That is, whether you wish to see only assigned conversations or both assigned and unassigned.

Configuring your Zenbox
Configuring your Zenbox

Here are the steps to open Zenbox settings:

  • Just head over to Zenbox, by click on the link on the top bar.
  • Here you will see the settings icon, click on it to open the settings page of Zenbox.
zenbox settings icon
  • Here select the options according to the type of conversations you wish to see in your Zenbox.

So, now you can cherry-pick what you want to see in the Zenbox from different Inboxes to build your Zenbox view and enjoy a stress free conversation with your customer.

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