How to import a Groove account in Helpwise?

Helpwise allows you to import your Groove account data into Helpwise. Now you do not have to worry about losing your ongoing conversations in Groove while migrating to Helpwise. Our one-click integration allows you to move your Groove emails, teammates, mailboxes, contacts, notes, and tags in your Helpwise account. Follow the steps below to integrate […]

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gmail sync

Setup Gmail full sync for your Inboxes

Gmail 2-way sync allows Helpwise to maintain full sync with your Gmail in both directions. This feature is designed to bring more reliability around getting emails in Helpwise and it helps to keep your Gmail clean as well. Here is what gets synced between Helpwise and Gmail: 1. Existing Gmail conversations Helpwise starts importing your […]

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How to integrate Google Tasks with Helpwise?

Helpwise integration with Google Tasks allows you to track tasks in your Helpwise shared inbox easily. Follow the steps below to connect your Google account with Helpwise: Login to your Helpwise account. Click on “Automation” on the top and select “Integrations”. Now, click on the “Connect Google Tasks” button. Click “Allow”. You have now integrated Google Tasks with […]

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