Helpwise Outlook Sync

How Helpwise Syncs with Outlook and vice-versa

Helpwise Outlook Two-way sync allows your all emails to sync between Outlooks and your Helpwise Account. Once you connect your Outlook account with Helpwise, then all your emails from outlook will automatically start showing up in your Helpwise account. To connect your account, please follow these steps below Go to the Home page of Helpwise […]

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How to setup Helpwise Engage?

Helpwise Engage is a feature of the Live Chat widget which enables you to reach out to visitors or users of your website. You can start a conversation with the visitor on your website or share some product updates with them. To set up an engage follow the steps below: Click on the “Interact” in […]

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How to handle the Helpwise Widget

Helpwise allows you to add chat support on your website using the Live Chat Widget. You can handle the Chat widget on your website using the “Helpwise” function. Currently, Helpwise allows you to do four operations using this function. These four operations are as follow: Open the Widget: This helps you to open the widget […]

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Salesforce-Helpwise Integration

Salesforce CRM integration with Helpwise

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud customer relationship management (CRM) solution or software that brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all departments(sales, marketing) in your company a single, shared view of every customer. Sales teams can track all customer interactions and activities in one place. Marketing teams can build […]

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How to connect Jira with Helpwise?

Helpwise integration with Jira allows you to retrieve issues in your shared inbox. Follow the steps below to connect Jira with helpwise: Login into your Helpwise account. Click on “Automation” on the top and select “Integrations”. Now, click on “Connect Jira” button. Login to your Jira account. Then click on ‘Accept’. You have now integrated […]

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