If you want to stay on top of your emails, you need to read every email. You need to make sure you are responding promptly. Your work email is vital to responding to consumer needs and increase sales. 

This is why a shared inbox can help. A shared inbox is when you share emails in an organization. You could be sharing your email with your marketing team or sales team. 

This can be an advantage because you can respond quicker. You can stay on track with your sales. 

If you want to see every benefit of a shared inbox and how it increases sales, then check out these 13 tips on how to use a shared inbox. 

1. Create a Fast Response

The first tip regarding a shared inbox is having a faster response time. When your team in an organization works together, it can help everyone work together to respond faster. 

You can respond to the needs of your consumers. It helps with getting on a sales call sooner or responding to consumers who may have a question about your business. 

2. Understand Your Target Market Better

Another tip to consider is how you understand your target market. If you are sharing an inbox with your sales or marketing teams, you need to make sure everyone has a clear idea of who their target market is. 

This means that everyone’s response and understanding of the needs of the target market is clearly defined. 

3. Minimize Mistakes

Another tip is learning to minimize mistakes. You need to make sure that everyone understands their role when they are responding to emails. 

If there is confusion, it can lead to disastrous results, especially if someone steps outside of what they are supposed to be doing. 

4. Have More Meetings

To avoid mistakes, you should consider having more meetings within your organization. 

You should talk about any problems and how to mitigate those problems. You also should consider discussing ways to respond quickly to emails and handle the needs of the consumer. 

5. Don’t Send Emails Without Reviewing

Before sending any emails, you should have a confirmation page. You don’t want to send an email without someone else reviewing it accidentally. 

Setting up a confirmation page can ensure that you don’t prematurely send any emails without first proofing them. You want to make sure that it’s not only written correctly but that it’s designed to go to a specific person. 

6. Create a Chatbot

You can also have a chatbox set up with shared emails. This helps consumers in different ways, making sure they reach the right department. 

It also frees up your team so they don’t have to respond to every email because some of them can be automated. 

7. Always Have Reminders

Another pro tip is to set up reminders, so your team knows when to communicate with the target market. 

These reminders can help complete more sales calls. They can ensure that every customer is taken care of. 

8. Create Integrations

With a shared inbox, you can have integrations to CRM, which help you track your leads and sales. 

You can connect with apps like Salesforce & Slack to make sure the communication is better between teams and departments.

9. Prioritize Sales

With a shared inbox, every team can be more transparent. Your marketing team can collaborate with your sales team and your support team. They can all work together to try and achieve more sales. 

The priority, in fact, should be sales. Everything should be working toward improving the number of sales in your organization. 

10. Have Notes

With so many team members working on different emails, each team must keep written notes. 

Notes are helpful if different team members are assigned to different emails and consumers. They can help team members figure out where specific consumers are in the sales journey. 

11. Segment Your Leads

Another tip when it comes to having a shared inbox is to segment your leads. While you may have an idea of your target market, you still need to segment them based on their decisions. 

It gives your team a better idea of who already made a purchase and where they are in the buyer’s cycle. 

12. Look at the Analytics

Your team also needs to look at the analytics of their emails. They need to see who is opening emails and how quickly your response time is.

It gives you a better idea of how you and your team can improve their response time. 

13. Make Sure Every Team Understands Their Role

The final tip is about making sure your team understands their role. While everyone may have a shared inbox, it’s about working together to ensure everything is done with efficiency. 

It’s about how marketing can help sales and how the analytics team can help sales. Everyone should understand their role and how they can improve sales in the organization.

Now You Know How to Increase Sales With a Shared Inbox

Learning how to increase sales with a shared inbox can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. Yet, with this guide, you can have the confidence to overcome these challenges. 

You’ll know how to increase sales by operating more effectively as a team if you are in marketing, sales, or another area of business. You’ll have a better idea of how to respond to your consumers and understand their needs. 

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