Stop paying extraordinary fees for ordinary features.

Stop paying extraordinary fees for Intercom's ordinary features

What makes Helpwise Shared Inbox the best Intercom alternative?

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Intercom has so many bells and whistles..

You spend countless hours just figuring out the platform. You pay unreasonably high subscription fees that keep changing randomly. For a company that prides itself on building long-lasting customer relationships, they provide a poor customer service.

Helpwise makes it easy to manage customer communication

Instead of complicating the onboarding steps, we make it easy for you set up your customer support center in minutes. Helpwise provides the kind of support it expects its customers will be able to provide using Helpwise i.e. in a cost and time-effective manner.

What our clients say about us

Brad K

G2 Review

"Excellent Intercom alternative at a fraction of the price"

Comprehensive support solution that includes shared inboxes for email, SMS, website chat, WhatsApp and many other channels, along with a help desk and knowledge base.

Ronald J

G2 Review

"Nice full-featured inbox management tool - loaded with features!"

I like that Helpwise really combines the most important customer communication tools into one package. It really is a full-featured tool to compete with Intercom.

Helpwise Client

G2 Review

"Great product with amazing support"

Customer support team is super helpful and caring. They are great listeners. You share feedback and they take quick action on it. Never experienced such a great customer support from any product.

Ever feel like big software companies try to trick you into paying more for shitty software?

You don't want provide a bad customer experience, nor do you want your teams to be overburdened with work. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting your process more than it helps.

Have to deal with shady sales practices from Intercom

“The pricing is not transparent at all, difficult to understand, and engineered to trick you. They attracted us with their "Starter" plan, which was a bit more expenive than our existing service. At some point during our migration, we discovered we might need an additional feature that is only available in their next tier, called "Conversational Support". To our surprise, this would multiply our monthly bill by a factor of *5*, and require us to go to a yearly engagement. “

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Deal with incredibly poor service standards

“Before the pricing complaints, let me just say the customer support intercom offers is AWFUL. We've lost a not insignificant amount of revenue and productivity due to intercom's lack of responsiveness. It drives me bananas how I see "we'll get back to you in a few hours" and then I get a response 5 or 6 days later. It's truly unbelievable.”

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Are unable to provide customer support and have to end up receiving untiemly support from Intercom

“It is very hard to get in touch with support or get an answer to any questions. You would think a company designed to offer support software would have decent support... that is not the case. Currently, I've been waiting for a response to a single question for a full week, and I've followed up twice. Very frustrating.”

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People who use Intercom say their “pricing is deliberately designed to trick users”

This is why customers choose Helpwise over Intercom

Service more customers instead of being limited by platform incapabilities
Intercom allows you to manage chat, and social conversations only

A modern & successful business has a lot more customer touchpoints than just 2-3 channels. With Intercom, you're only limited to live chat and socials, you can't manage emails, etc.

Manage Email, SMS, Chat, Socials, Whatsapp & more with Helpwise

Helpwise offers you the ability to connect multiple customer channels and even allows you to create custom shared inboxes for your own custom communication channels.

Intercom forces you to pay for basic features by adding add-ons

Basic features like analytics, rules, round-robin conversation delegation, and more are available on their most expensive plans and require you to upgrade every time you hit the usage limits

Helpwise doesn't do shady practices when it comes to pricing

Productivity features shouldn't be limited by usage and the user shouldn't have to upgrade every time. Our pricing plans are built to help you scale so that it doesn't hit your productivity or your wallet.

Get what you pay for, no false promises
Switch hard work with smart work
Intercom gives a not-so-personalized support

Since intercom is a large company, their customers feel like they’re not valued enough to be given personalized support by the intercom team.

Helpwise makes every customer feel like they’re the one

Helpwise is built on each customer’s feedback and we value every customer equally which is why we provide personalized support to each of our users.

Simple pricing plans that stick with you forever

No need to worry about random price changes to your plan. Once you select a plan, the pricing will stay the same even if we change or introduce new plans.

EMAIL INBOX ico-check ico-minus ico-minus
SMS INBOX ico-check ico-minus ico-minus
WHATSAPP (POWERED BY TWILIO) ico-check ico-minus ico-minus
SAVED REPLIES ico-check ico-minus ico-check
HELP CENTER ico-check ico-minus ico-check
OUTBOUND EMAIL ico-check ico-minus ico-check
AUTOMATION RULES ico-check ico-minus ico-check
ROUND ROBIN ico-check ico-minus ico-check
TEAM PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS ico-check ico-minus ico-check
Annual Savings
by switching to Helpwise
$4,680 $11,880

Migration as easy as cancelling your Front subscription

Our one-click migration services paired with dedicated customer onboarding & success managers will leave you wondering as to why you didn't make the switch sooner.

Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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