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Don’t let customer support issues drive your company out of business

A support agent's job is not to sort through all the conversations, their job is to service the customer and resolve queries. Keeping a track of conversations can be a time consuming task. This is why, every support agent needs a powerful customer communications tool that does the heavy lifting for them by assigning & sorting queries automatically.

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A basic email inbox isn’t enough for a modern support team.
You need Helpwise.

Become more productive at solving queries and organizing client communication by switching to Helpwise.
Use features like assign, tag, notes, files manager, discussions, reports and more to stay on top of all support-related conversations.

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Benefits of Helpwise

Here are the top features that every modern Saas company needs in its communications stack.


Assign conversations to agents who are responsible for handling specific queries. Delegate with ease and see which team member is working on which query.

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Declutter your inbox by creating tags that work as categories for different types of conversations. Helpwise can also apply tags automatically on new conversations based on the content.

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Automation Rules

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks like assigning, tagging, and closing conversations by setting up workflows using Automation Rules. Helpwise will handle the workload for your team.

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Help Center

Set up knowledge bases containing articles that can be shared with your customers. You can create Help centers for customer onboarding, internal documents etc.

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Mentions and Notes

Collaborate on replying to client queries with your team members by mentioning them in conversation notes. Mentions will notify them that they have been mentioned by you.

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Optimize team performance and communication processes by taking a deep dive into your support team's performance across inboxes. Track individual workload and key metrics.

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Fuel your workflows with powerful integrations

Connect your favorite tools using native integrations, third-party integrations or our custom app feature and turn your Helpwise shared inbox into a powerhouse. Integrate calendars, task management apps, and top CRMs and interact with them directly from your inbox.

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Manage customer conversations
with the power of Helpwise

Foster and improve collaboration processes

Helpwise allows you to respond to customer conversations in a collaborative manner. You can share drafts, see which team member is reading the same conversation and have discussions with your team right inside a conversation thread.

Reduce team workload by setting up automations

Automate tasks like assigning conversations to respective agents, replying, tagging specific conversations and more. Helpwise helps in reducing hard work and fostering smart work.

Simplify client communication management

Helpwise allows businesses to manage customer conversations from multiple channels in a centralized platform. It also improves the context so that you're able to provide streamlined support irrespective of the channel.

Integrate your favorite tools or create custom apps

Integrate top integrations like Stripe, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more. Fetch and update customer details directly from your Helpwise inbox. Any information update that is done by your team is reflected on both platforms.

Trusted by over 5000+ users

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G2 Review

This is cutting-edge technology that's not available anywhere else on the market. I'm impressed with how it can track everything in one place and tell how many customers you've helped, so you know you're on the right track.

Angie N

G2 Review

The support offered by Helpwise has been incredible. There has never been a time that they haven't attended to a question quickly and had it sorted out asap. I can see this is a tool that I will be using every day as a vital part of my business tech stack.


How do I set up a shared email inbox and add my team members to it? I want to set up access privileges too.


Hey Julia, I'll help you! You can click on the Inboxes menu and click on the add inbox button to set up and go through the guided onboarding to set up an inbox.

To add team members and set their privileges, you can click on the Manage menu and choose the Users option. Now, you can set up user permissions while adding your team


Thanks for the quick reply. It worked!


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