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Using Helpwise's plethora of features and tools, customers are able to provide hyper personalised experiences in an automated manner.

  • Collaborate with team members on customer conversations
  • Provide blazing fast responses to customers by automating your worfklows
  • Educate clients and customers by creating personalised knowledgebases


Ease of Setup

With a Go-To-Live time of under 5 minutes, using Helpwise you can actually change your life in minutes by getting setup quickly.


Ease of Doing Business

Every team at Helpwise, at it's core, is a customer first team and ensures helping the customer to the best of their capabilities.


Quality of Support

If there's one thing that every Helpwise customer likes, it's our customer support team's response times and eagerness to help.

What Customers Have To Say About Helpwise

We combed through 100s of reviews to find out why our customers love Helpwise. Here are the top 4 reasons:
  • Easy to Use
  • Performance
  • Support Quality
  • Competition
Lara Alwan
Helpwise as used by Muslim Hands UK

Helpwise is a user-friendly and organized software that assists our organization in responding to our donor's queries efficiently and in a standardized manner. It has unique features like adding tags to queries, notes sections to follow up with team members, and the snoozing option, which allows us to revisit unsolved situations.

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Mark Thompson
Helpwise helps our small team be wise!

First, Helpwise is easy to use. I have a small team of 3 that utilizes Helpwise to provide support to our small business clients. Previously we used a Gmail account that we all had the login to but that became cumbersome with who was responding and who emails were coming from. Because my team is not tech savvy, things were being missed. Helpwise has corrected that to where it is easier to use and we have great tracking of our activities. I was able to purchase this on AppSumo so the price was great, especially for us as a non-profit.

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Nilesh Mathure
Helpwise is great for Team Inbox and Support across various channels

It is reliable, supports integrations and enables us to provide support across multiple channels. It works well and is constantly improving.

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Nicole LaBosco
Helpwise is helpful

I love how easy it is to see all of the tickets coming in and the simplicity of responding right away, assigning to someone on the team, or leaving a private note for someone from your team to see.

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Mitch Bowler
Worked great since day 1

Helpwise was very easy to setup and get going, and this is one of the key features that we cherish - simplicity while getting the job done. Ths made it extremely easy for the entire team to get setup and going.

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Michele Rocco
Sistema di gestione ticket semplice ma molto potente a costi contenuti

E' una piattaforma gestione ticket che permette di gestire in un unico spazio anche diversi progetti o società. Ha tutte le funzioni necessarie per gestire anche un discreto numero di ticket sia da soli che in team. Ottimo rapporto prestazioni/caratteristiche/prezzo. La uso da anni su molti progetti sempre con ottimi risultati

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Jim West
Most important Tool

Communication all in one place. Perfect

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Abe Cruzabra
Better Than Help Scout

Helpwise works well and has features that Help Scout doesn't have. Basically, it does what Help Scout do but this one is more superior and advanced! One I like the most is that you can schedule a message when you want to send it. This is very handy when you don't want to wake up your recipient in the middle of the night! The UI/UX is also modernized and it looks great. Onboarding is very easy. I was able to set up multiple shared inboxes in just a few minutes. It's really easy to navigate through the site and their help docs are very handy. Their live chat widget also looks very nice! I'd say it's on par with Intercom's. You can go to their website and take a look! I also like that you can add channels like Twilio, Facebook (messages and comments), Instagram (comments and DMs), and WhatsApp. Perfect for managing your email and social media inbox in just one app! That will be a huge time saver and you can't do that in Help Scout!

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Bethany Nutter
Just switched to Helpwise

I love the simplicity. A lot of programs are too bulky or have too many features. Helpwise has everything you need and it's quite easy to navigate. The setup was so simple.

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Timothy Smith
Great replacement for HelpScout

I love the unified inbox approach that Helpwise takes. Having mutliple email inboxes is great, but combining all of our customer service including Messanger is great.

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Heather Claus
Makes it a breeze for my team to service members.

It's so easy to share insights on customer service needs, to bring in another team member, and to see what is and is not being handled in a timely manner.

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Gina Garguile
Helpwise has made my job so much easier, efficient and organized!

The shared inbox, automation, help center

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Masuk Sarker Batista (MSB)
Best support ticketing system with tons of great features

Helpwise has a solid system to add and manage shared email addresses and social media accounts. This way I and my team members can provide support easily for our multiple businesses. This is a game-changer thing for our business. Also they have chat beacon as well and Knowledgebase too. A complete package for providing great support to customers.

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Josie Kilcullen
Helpwise helped our team organize our inbox and get back in touch with our customers!

The tagging system is super helpful! We can see what our customers consistently have issues with, so we can fix them in a meaningful way.

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Jesse Lyon
Helpwise made it simple to organize my emails and assign them to the correct team members!

I loved that I could assign emails to my team members for them to track and manage.

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Jude Chiy
Great team inbox solution

It's made it really easy to keep organized with customer communication. We can manage all our customer communication in one place, along with hosting our external and internal knowledge base.

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Vitali Kosyrau
Great Inbox app for business

Evident and straightforward interface - everything is in its place. This is an all-in-one inbox - all business channels in one window -Email, SMS, WhatsApp.Plus an additional chat widget and creation of your own Help Center

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Javier Gobea Llamas
I migrate from Helpscout to Helpwise and this was the best I made

I love the support and the new features. I can manage all my communications channel in one platform with all my team. I don't miss helpscout, and I also test more alternatives. Helpwise win.

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Mariam Tariq
Best email automation with handy adds on

helpwise is really good in email automation and its adds on like twitter and facebook comments managment is super cool. my emails things are now automatically managed with its automation system. i love its live chat add on also it is really helping me for more productivity.

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Aman Patel
Manage all your communication with your customers at one place

I have used many helpdesk platforms but I think Helpwise has left others far behind. I really liked the onboarding process and easy-to-use user interface. Their pricing plans are also affordable. Their customer support is just awesome, they replied to my doubts very quickly.

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Shikhar Singh
A good shared inbox for better management

I am very happy with Helpwise. It has helped me streamline my help desk and has all the features I need for our business. This includes the ability to access it from Gmail or through the app on your phone!

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Ari Eko Prasethio
Helpwise is the new best thing for customer service teams

Helpwise is the new best thing for customer service teams. We not only get replies to queries quickly and efficiently, but we also never have to field questions across different channels like email, phone and chat again. The whole team loves it!

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Zunaid Khan
Excellent Shared Inbox Solution

It has a really great UI and is easy to use. I liked that any messages I sent via Helpwise could also be stored in the original emails sent folder in Gsuite.

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Michael Hottman
Promising product with some good features

The idea of having a unified place to view communication across multiple channels is wonderful. I'm still exploring the connections with supported apps. It appears to have lots of promising features.

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Levi Papai
Efficient way to combine team emails.

Very easy to track emails and responses, keep track of email chains and pull them up for future reference.

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Mike Lester Rosales
Get Help for your Helpdesk with Helpwise

What I like the most about Helpwise is that I can have multiple shared inboxes, live chats, and help pages inside their platform. It's easy to configure and takes just a few minutes to get my team up and running and supporting our customers. The next thing I like about Helpwise is that their team always has improved on their features which makes the subscription worth every penny spent.

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Arale Tam
its user friendly and great support team

proactive customer support, very helpful

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Shade Odeinde
Easy to setup and use!

I love the fact that the interface is very similar to Gmail so it not hard to get familiar with the platform. In addition, the fact that we can set different permissions for each team member is great! The move into social media ;to manage your social media messages) is also a very welcome development!

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Peter Bachmann Dahlstrøm
Managing multiple inboxes just got a lot easier!

You would think that managing multiple inboxes is difficult, but with Helpwise it's easy! I can quickly reply to my customers by simply dragging and dropping content onto customized templates. The platform also makes creating new sites simple- just choose one of their precrafted designs or start from scratch in minutes using all the great features like hosting included (no need worry about maintaining).

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Luke W
Helpwise - A great modern shared mailbox!

Helpwise is an excellent shared mailbox portal with additional features such as a live-chat and help center. It helps bring all support functions for the company inhouse in one single location and makes the whole customer or internal support routes a lot more efficent.

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Davide Tamanini
A good partner for our customer service

Simple to use and affordable. Great customer service. For us is a game changer

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Olivia Mason
Super helpful and customer service is always available

We primarily use Helpwise to share important information with our team, and I like that everything is effortless to find when I need to double-check on how to do something or our policy. Also, the customer service team is almost always available, so it is effortless to get help if and when I need it.

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Abraham Cruzabra
Great Alternative for Help Scout

Helpwise has all the functions that Help Scout has and it does more! You can make rules for automation, create saved replies, you can snooze and schedule a reply or email, create embeddable forms, use their in-house live chat widget, has a file manager, and so much more! The UI also looks really great, modern and enticing. It looks a lot better than Help Scout. I had no problem with onboarding. I was able to navigate through the whole app easily and never got stuck with anything so far. I also love they have a good amount of integrations. They have an integration with Asana, which I use daily for work. Another thing I love with Helpwise is that you can also connect your social media accounts and have a unified inbox. This really saves me time when interacting with my audience. I can do all the messaging tasks in just one app. How cool is that? I haven't tried their live chat widget yet but I'll do so soon. It's a must for my e-commerce website. Overall, I really love Helpwise for managing all my customer service tasks.

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Shahriar Ahmed
Simply the best SAAS I ever use till now

The thing I like the best is they gave free personal inbox. All our team members use that as their office e-mail and the shared inbox we use as the regular support channel for our clients. So it helps us to reduce personal inbox expenses which may cost $$ per month. The second thing I like most is that they have the zenbox feature which helps to check & reply to all e-mail from one single place.

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Jeffrey Young
A great way to track multiple customer channels

Helpwise lets me create a standalone "inbox" for a number of channels. I have one for FB messages, my support email, a chatbot on my website...and another email for a second business. I love that I can see all the incoming messages in one spot and then assign to a team member as needed. We can also leave team-only notes per message.

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Compete Daily
Help is on the way!!!

Helpwise is an amazing tool that I didn't know I needed until I needed it. When you get an onslaught of customer inquiries and need to be on the same page with your team on how to handle them and respond this is the tool. Shared inboxes can change your life, seriously. Give you the ability to share the workload and not worry about Dan being out of the "office" today because his son or daughter got sick.

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Ganesh Bommanaveni
One of the Best Platforms to Send Emails

I really like the saved replies feature as it is saving me a lot of time.

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Torsten Spielmann
Great Tool for Email Management and more

- High Quality of service - fast and good support

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Shelby Craig
Our team is on the same page!

The ability to manage multiple inboxes and communicate with each other.

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Jess Beacom
Simple and effective

Helpwise helps to assign emails to the relative person

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Tessa McNicholl
It is user friendly

The seen option in sent emails is a plus point.

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Christina Galloway
Super helpful in managing our team's inbox!

the chat feature when you need help - they are very quick to respond. I love that we can tag based on the type of msg in inbox. also love that we can assign to diff team members.

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Umar Arshad
Better than other tool need improvment

I like its integration with other tools like google sheet etc

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Nate Alger
Excellent Helpdesk app at an affordable price!

I've tried several helpdesk apps and landed with this one due to the simplicity and features match exactly what I am looking for. Helpwise runs smoothly without any issues. I like that it shows when emails have been read and also works from within Gmail or withing Helpwise. All in all great app!

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Steven R
Very useful software

Its a team system, no searching for emails sent to one person again. Its quick to see the trail of a conversation.

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Seth Taylor
Helpwise has streamlined our email communication

It makes it easy to quickly respond to emails and communicate with our applicants.

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Lukas Reznik
Best all in one support tool

UI/UX is fantastic. Very clear threads of individual tickets. Good assignment to individual operators. Possibility to trace a ticket by a unique number, which is also known to the customer. Great mobile app.

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Gabriel Alejandro Ricardo
The best shared inbox tool i've ever tested

I like the uptime and how fast it works. We're a big team and it didn't crash while we were working.

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Ankit Bhattarai
Helpwise just can't stop helping

All emails at one location, including SMS and social profile inbox. Quick Customer Support

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Janiece Ray
Helpful Helpwise!

I love how responsive the help team is! No matter what strange question I'm asking, they get back to me and help me figure it out.

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Rhys Lynn
One of the best SaaS products I've purchased. Incredible product and value backed by a great team.

Helpwise allows my team to communicate with inbound inquiries in a collaborative fashion quickly and without any fuss. It is easy enough to configure to 'just work' right away but has powerful features that we can implement at our own pace. For us, an essential part of any SaaS is the team behind it - both development and support. My experience with both has been great.

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James Cross
A great startup with friendly, attentive, and speedy support

Helpwise has been a breeze to use. As a growing company, they have been pumping out updates on what seems to be a monthly basis. Not only that, but they react to feedback quite quickly – minor feature suggestions are implemented within a week or two while larger ideas are taken into consideration. Overall, it's a great experience!

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Priyanshu Pandey
A good Inbox tool to manage your Email teams.

The best attributes: - A collaborative tool to manage your Emails and teams - Can manage end to end routing settings for Emails and also configure the type of Email and apply routing settings to the Email.

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Mario Suárez Galvín
Excellent I recommend it

The best thing is the wide variety of inbox types, and also customer service. An excellent application to manage support with my clients. Helpwise helpdesk is very efficient and fast, as soon as you have a problem it is there to solve it.

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Sebastian Maier
An awesome support & marketing solution to communicate through many channels.

That I can set up and use exactly the inboxes / channels I need like mail, website chat, WhatsApp or SMS. The knowledge base feature is a great addition. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. They are adding constantly new and well thought features. The support is one of its kind, they're fast and always try to help you out.

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Brooke Roberts
Helpwise is awesome! (and I've tried every customer service platform out there!)

Set-up is super easy and customer support is outstanding! Helpwise saves us from missing messages and emails from current customers and prospective clients. Before we were getting our wires crossed and things slipped through the cracks. I also bring on interns each year that need to be able to communicate as our company. I can bring them on temporarily without having to create a whole new email for them.

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Alex Schuh
Absolutely great for teams!

No more internal emails with loosing overview about open responses because you can delegate every email and chat internal.

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Al Joelson
Solid platform for shared inboxes

It's really easy to setup, use, and manage. The support team is very responsive and proactive.

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Alex Trup
A great customer support app, with even greater customer support!

The Helpwise system is easy and intuitive to setup and use, and we have already created an SOP around its usage. Its integration with Jira is really important for us to minimize the steps needed to go from support questions to solutions. The customer support has been excellent - Responsive and quick to make improvements to the system based on my feedback, often with same day rollout!

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June Wilson
Excellent Product & Customer Service

I've used many ticket systems with the shared inbox concept, including FreshDesk and Help Scout. Helpwise is definitely the winner. What I love the best is their customer service. They genuinely care about user input. We report glitches or send feature enhancement requests, and suddenly to our surprise, they are implementing our ideas! It is an amazing experience. Customer Service far exceeds Help Scout in my humble opinion, even though Help Scout blogs on this topic a lot. Their software is great too!

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Jonathan Montgomery
Amazing platform for teams and share inboxes

The product works amazingly well for team roles and shared inboxes. The ability to see all inboxes as from an overview as well as share drafts and help guide team members with difficult scenarios is a huge benefit. The support and service from the team is excellent as well and is truly the shining feature of the platform!

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Ronald Jones
Nice full-featured inbox management tool - loaded with features!

I like that Helpwise really combines the most important customer communication tools into one package. It has: - Shared inbox for email and social media - Knowledge base (for customers) - Website chat plugin - Multiple CRM and Slack integrations They are continuing to developing an "Engage" tool that works like a bot for purposed communication (push style) with visitors. It really is a full-featured tool to complete with Intercom and Front. I think one of the most overlooked features is templates. You can create response templates and include fields from the address book, which is really cool! That keeps your staff consistent in replies to difficult questions.

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Chris Benetti
Helpwise has changed the way we support our customers.

Our support workflow between team members is dead easy. Our customers get help straight away and Helpwise is also very responsive to feedback.

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Neil Philip
One stop solution for all brand communication

The group inbox and the fact that multiple platforms can be handled by using only helpwise instead of using different login for each of them.

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Chloe Swopshire
Happy with Helpwise, Helpful team!

I like how responsive the team is. Even if things arent all perfect, the capacity of the team to be both attentive and responsive make a huge difference.

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Torsten Spielmann
Really good and efficient solution for shared and private mailboxes!

- Ease of use - Great Support (chat) which is able to give answers to all questions or solve (whenever possible) problems within very short time. - Easy to share mailboxes between different coworkers, no duplicate actions. - Possibility to get rid of other helpdesk systems - Unlimited storage of old(closed) emails. Perfect repository - Use of own smtp server (i am using postmarkapp)

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Brad Konia
Excellent Intercom alternative at a fraction of the price

Comprehensive support solution that includes shared inboxes for email, SMS, website chat, WhatsApp and many other channels, along with a help desk and knowledge base. I also greatly appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of the HelpWise staff. Since becoming a customer, I've submitted lots of feature requests and many of them have already been implemented. They usually respond to my inquiries within minutes, and they're always very helpful and courteous.

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Angie Neal
What a great platform! The support and the software are absolutely top notch!

This great software is perfect for a team managing multiple inboxes and support areas. The support offered by Helpwise has been incredible. There has never been a time that they haven't attended to a question / request really quickly and have it sorted really quickly. I can see this is a tool that I will be using every day as a vital part of my business tech stack.

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Steven Baur
Incredible Team with an Impressive Product

Helpwise is a great command center for client care & support. After our first login, we immediately saw the potential. Looking for a more cost-effective solution for our current provider (Zendesk), we were happy to find Helpwise. Even more of a surprise was the team heading Helpwise. Always ready to help and listen to suggestions, which sealed the deal after my first interaction. Not to mention, integrations, chat, personal boxes, and so much more. Helpwise has everything we were looking for at a reasonable price point.

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Legacy Podcasting
Support-Quality Performance

The software is a great Helpdesk solution. We tried several and this was the most intuitive option with features we needed, like Slack integration. The team behind it is nothing short of amazing. The response time on anything I ask is crazy fast. They've implemented several features I recommended (really fast).

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Selçuk Şentürk
Helpwise The Brave

Helpwise has lots of potentials in it also have team inbox, live chat widget, help center, sms, whatsapp, detailed reports etc...

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Anca Pop
Good alternative for Helpscout

quick support, good interface, for the most part and the fact that you can have multiple inboxes

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Steve Rushton
Good Helpdesk Solution

Ability to have multiple Support sites and inboxes - easy to manage. Ability to manage Facebook / Twitter and Whatsapp as well as email support all in one place Good value for money for small business

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