Customer feedback made simple | Helpwise

Collect customer feedback and ratings using CSAT surveys

Create and share customer satisfaction surveys to gather customer feedback and measure their satisfaction ratings easily with CSAT.


Automate customer feedback collection

Easily set up a CSAT survey and automate the collection of customer feedback:

  1. Create customer survey templates.
  2. Send CSAT surveys to your customers.
  3. Automate customer review collection.

Measure customer satisfaction ratings

Track and measure scores for all your CSAT surveys. No need to use any 3rd party survey/feedback collection apps.

  1. Check how did your customer score you.
  2. Check the customer feedback.

Analyze team performance

Improve customer support performance by analyzing customer satisfaction scores for specific team members.

  1. Ask customers to score your support agents' performance.
  2. Analyze customer scores and their responses.
  3. Improve team performance based on customer feedback.

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