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Features that make your customer experience better

Enable your customer-facing teams to communicate productively with each other and your customers.

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Helpwise is packed with features that help in fostering collaboration and improving overall team productivity.

Mention team members inside conversations and work with them to respond to customer queries better and faster

Answer all customer queries across multiple channels from one single place in less time using our Universal Inbox feature.

No need to forward emails internally anymore or CC/BCC team members. Easily delegate customer conversations and create a system of accountability.

Universal Inbox

Answer all customer queries across multiple channels from one single place in less time. Spend less time on inbox switching and more time on replying to customer conversations.

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Mentions and Notes

Collaborate on replying to customer queries with your team members by mentioning them in conversation notes. Mentions will notify them that they have been mentioned by you.

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Manually assign conversations to team members who are responsible for handling that query. Delegate with ease and see which team member is working on which query.

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Custom Inbox

Create a custom inbox for your own custom communcation channel using Helpwise's APIs. You can create inboxes for Slack, Basecamp, or even your own internal communication tool!

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Shared Drafts

Forget sharing screenshots of your drafted replies and emails. Start sharing drafts with your team to receive feedback and collaborate on writing responses together.

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Collision Detection

Say goodbye to contradictory replies. Helpwise comes with built-in collision detection that detects when two people are writing a response to the same thread and alerts both parties.

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Initiate chats with your team members right inside Helpwise. No need to use 3rd party solutions to chat with your team members.

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Multiple Signatures

Using more than one signature while servicing your customers? You can set up multiple signatures with Helpwise and change them on the fly while composing emails.

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You can connect your Slack, Microsoft Teams or Basecamp with Helpwise and collaborate with external team members on Helpwise conversations easily.

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Work faster by automating mundane and repetitive tasks. Smart work beats Hard work.

Create custom rules that suit your team's workflow, and improve(remove s) your productivity by automatically taking up tasks unique to your team use case. Automate query delegation, tagging, replies and much more.

Assign customer queries smartly by configuring Smart Assign settings that allow you to automatically assign conversations by round robin, load balancing or in random manner so that Helpwise does the heavy lifiting for you and you don't have to spend time on query delegation.

Setup service level agreements (SLAs) to reduce response lag and improve customer satisfaction. You can set up time based conditions that get triggered if a certain time has passed without any action being taken on a customer conversation.

Automation Rules

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks like assigning, tagging, closing conversations by setting up workflows using Automation Rules. Helpwise will handle the workload for your team.

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Service Level Agreements

Ensure fast response times by setting up time based SLAs that allow you to set up actions when a conversation remains unactioned for a certain amount of time.

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Smart Assign

Helpwise automatically manages your team's workload by smartly assigning conversations based on logics like round robin, load balance and random. No more manual delegations!

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Helpwise Chatbot

Reduce burden on your team by setting up chatbots that automatically handle queries. The decision tree based logic will help your customers based on their selected responses.

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Saved Replies

Save your agents from writing common replies again and again. You can also use variables to dynamically insert customer information automatically in these templates.

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Automate customer feedbacks directly from Helpwise. Analyse feedback and scores to improve your support processes and quality.

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Find time to do things that your teams were never able to do before with productivity improving features inside Helpwise.

Use Smart search & Views to create and save customer searches. You can create specific searches instead of manually searching for a conversation again and again.

Categorise conversations by tagging them so that it's easy for you to sort and find conversations. Now, you don't have to keep track of everything in your head.

Use analytics and reports to get customer insights, and how your team members have been performing in servicing their queries. This will help you optimize response times and service processes.


Optimise team performance and support processes by taking a deep dive into your support team's performance across inboxes. Track individual workload and key metrics.

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Declutter your inbox by creating tags that work as categories for different types of conversations. Helpwise can also apply tags on new conversations based on the content.

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File Manager

Manage all the files you and your team share and receive across inboxes, in a single place. You can also search, filter, mark important, bulk download files from a single place.

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Allow customers to submit feedback. Collect customer information for tickets, queries, newsletter subscriptions and more.

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Views allow you to save and pin specific search filters inside your inbox so that you can filter out conversations quickly that you regularly need.

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Help Centers

Set up knowledgebases to host articles that can be shared with your customers. You can create Help centers for customer onboarding, internal documents etc.

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Smart Search

Narrow down your conversation search results according to specific criteria. Search for conversations quickly that might not be easy to find with a simple search.

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Conversations Logs

Keep track of all actions taken on a conversation and store (remove s) it in the same thread as a log that can be accessed by all team members of that inbox. This helps in better accountability.

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Custom App

Create custom apps and integrations for tools that your team uses internally and use them right from Helpwise.

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