Helpscout is not helping you anymore.

Helpscout is not helping you anymore

What makes Helpwise Shared Inbox the best Help Scout alternative?

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Help Scout makes it difficult to get things done in time..

You spend countless hours just figuring out the platform. You have to deal with a bug-ridden experience. For a company that prides itself on helping its customers provide world-class support, they themselves provide a poor support experience.

Helpwise makes it super easy to manage customer commun..

Instead of complicating the onboarding steps, we make it easy for to you set up your customer support center in minutes. Helpwise provides the kind of support it expects its customers will be able to provide using Helpwise i.e. in a cost and time-effective manner.

What our clients say about us

Abe C

G2 Review

“Does what Help Scout does but this one is more superior and advanced”

I like that you can add channels like Twilio, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Perfect for managing your email and social media inbox in just one app!


G2 Review

"Great Alternative for Help Scout"

You can make rules for automation, create saved replies, you can snooze and schedule a reply or email, create embeddable forms, has a file manager, and so much more!

June W

G2 Review

"Excellent Product & Customer Service"

I've used many ticket systems including FreshDesk and Help Scout. Helpwise is definitely the winner. What I love the best is their customer service. They genuinely care about user input.

Ever feel like big software companies don't care about their users?

You don't want provide a bad customer experience, nor do you want your teams to be overburdened with work. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting your process more than it helps.

Deal with incredibly poor service standards

“The support staff is very disappointing. Pre-sales is non-existent. So if you have questions good luck trying to get them actually answered. I sent several inquiries about trying to speak with someone about my very specific use case. And only got generic canned responses.”

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Have to deal with a bug riddled experience on Help Scout

“The automatic workflows don't always seem to work correctly and Help Scout can occasionally be glitchy. When you go to reassign you can only do one action at once and the ticket disappears from your view as soon as you select an option.”

Verified Help Scout review on


Are paying for “a Glorified Gmail Help Desk ... Nothing more"

“The system is slow. The volume of emails we deal with (which is not great by standards of comparison to other SaaS companies) is too high for the infrastructure of HS servers. As told to us by their CS team. The workflow mechanisms do not function accurately.”

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People who use Helpscout say they’re “paying for a Glorified Gmail, nothing more”

This is why customers choose Helpwise over Help Scout

Service more customers instead of being limited by platform incapabilities
Help Scout allows you to manage email and chat conversations only

A modern & successful business has a lot more customer touchpoints than just 2 channels. With Help Scout, you're only limited to Emails and Live chat.

Manage Email, SMS, Chat, Socials, Whatsapp & more with Helpwise

Helpwise offers you the ability to connect multiple customer channels and even allows you to create custom shared inboxes for your own custom communication channels.

Helpscout shows inaccurate and slow reports

Help Scout reports have 0% accuracy as reported by their users. 0% accuracy, that's right! Anyone that really digs into them will find several instances of double counting. They don’t have any reports for Help Centers either.

Accurate and fast analytics in Helpwise

Help Scout reports have 0% accuracy as reported by their users. 0% accuracy, that's right! Anyone that really digs into them will find several instances of double counting. They don’t have any reports for Help Centers either.

Get accurate analytics and take smarter decisions
Switch hard work with smart work
HelpScout doesn't allow Snoozing of conversations

If you want to set up reminders for conversations that you might want to follow up on later, you can't do that inside Help Scout. This leads to missed conversations, angry customers and poor productivity.

Set up follow-up reminders using Snooze on Helpwise

Under Set up follow-up reminders using Snooze on Helpwise With Helpwise, you can easily set up Snooze reminders for conversations that you want to deal with later or want to send follow-ups in the future.

Simple pricing plans that stick with you forever

No need to worry about random price changes to your plan. Once you select a plan, the pricing will stay the same even if we change or introduce new plans.

Email and Live chat icon-check icon-check
SMS, Whatsapp, Social Media icon-check ico-minus
Single Inbox for Multiple Channels icon-check ico-minus
Native Cloud Phone System icon-check ico-minus
Help Centers icon-check ico-minus
Auto-assignment (round robin etc) icon-check ico-minus
Shared Drafts icon-check ico-minus
SLAs icon-check ico-minus
Automation Rules icon-check ico-minus
AI features like paraphrase, summarize  icon-check ico-minus
Chatbots & chat pop-ups icon-check ico-minus
File Management icon-check ico-minus
Service reports, analytics & CSAT icon-check ico-minus
Productivity features (Tags, Mentions & Notes, Collision Detection) icon-check ico-minus
Web & Mobile Apps icon-check ico-minus
Desktop App icon-check ico-minus
Native & Custom integrations icon-check ico-minus
Annual Savings By switching to helpwise icon-check $1,800

G2 Rating

G2 regularly publishes reports comparing top business solutions based on ratings given by those products' customers.

Migration as easy as cancelling your Help Scout subscription

Our one-click migration services paired with dedicated customer onboarding & success managers will leave you wondering as to why you didn't make the switch sooner.


Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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