Here’s how Front takes a back seat

Here's how Front takes a back seat

What makes Helpwise Shared Inbox the best Front alternative?

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Front has so many bells and whistles..

You spend countless hours just figuring out the platform. You pay unreasonably high subscription fees that keep changing randomly. For a company that prides itself on building long-lasting customer relationships, they provide a poor customer service.

Helpwise makes it easy to manage customer communication

Instead of complicating the onboarding steps, we make it easy for you set up your customer support center in minutes. Helpwise provides the kind of support it expects its customers will be able to provide using Helpwise i.e. in a cost and time-effective manner.

What our clients say about us

Ronald J

G2 Review

"Nice full-featured inbox management tool - loaded with features!"

I like that Helpwise really combines the most important customer communication tools into one package. It really is a full-featured tool to compete with Front.

Helpwise Client

G2 Review

"Great product with amazing support"

Customer support team is super helpful and caring. They are great listeners. You share feedback and they take quick action on it. Never experienced such a great customer support from any product.

Mike Lester R

G2 Review

"Get Help for your Helpdesk with Helpwise"

It's easy to configure and takes just a few minutes to get my team up and running. I also like that their team always has improved on their features which makes the subscription worth every penny spent.

Ever feel like big software companies don't care about their users?

You don't want provide a bad customer experience, nor do you want your teams to be overburdened with work. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting your process more than it helps.

Need to be prepared to pay for wacky price changes to their Front subscription plan

“Been with them for about four years and they decide that they're going to up the price 40%? Just grandfather the plan! Don't know where they got "custom plan" from since we've just been buying the app normally. This kind of nasty pricing change doesn't bode well for an ongoing relationship with the company.”

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Deal with incredibly poor service standards

“The service is incredibly distasteful, and the sales process lacks a transparent investment into understanding customer needs and how to best approach operational complexities. Our team reached out several times to review the system again after a bad experience and received no response or follow-up.”

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Spend more time fussing with the tool than getting customer queries resolved

“Keeping up to date with how notifications occur in Front is more challenging than typical email providers. I have noticed a delay (0.5-1.5 hrs) in when someone tags me in something and when it actually appears in my view.”

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People who use Front say “they’re unhelpful”

This is why customers choose Helpwise over Front

Replace clunky complexity for streamlined simplicity
Front has a complex UI

Front requires you to adopt a complex method of managing emails and other conversations. It becomes difficult to manage conversations & tags which ends up slowing you down.

Helpwise has a simple UI

Helpwise has a simple UI modelled after email and chat apps you love like Gmail & Whatsapp. It has a streamlined interface that makes your workflow faster and simpler.

Front has a poor and slow notification system

Keeping up to date with notifications occurring in Front is more challenging than with typical email providers. There is also a delay of 0.5-1.5 hrs in notifications.

Helpwise offers clean and timely notifications

In Helpwise, you have more context around the conversation right from the notification itself. All notifications sent to Helpwise customers are in real-time without any delays.

Stay up to date on activities happening inside your inbox with better notifications
Switch hard work with smart work
Front has an outdated and incredibly slow search

Searching for conversations can be hard in Front especially when you're trying to find specific conversations. It takes a lot of work and time to find them manually.

Helpwise has a smart search that's blazing fast

Helpwise's search sytem calculates the result in the background as you type. And with our Smart Search feature, you can do custom searches using a combination of tags, recipient, specific dates and more!

Simple pricing plans that stick with you forever

No need to worry about random price changes to your plan. Once you select a plan, the pricing will stay the same even if we change or introduce new plans.

Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Live chat ico-check ico-check
Native cloud Phone System ico-check ico-minus
Universal Inbox ico-check ico-check
Help Centers ico-check ico-minus
Auto-assignment (round robin etc) ico-check ico-check
Shared Drafts ico-check ico-check
Automation Rules & SLAs ico-check ico-check
Chatbots & chat pop-ups ico-check ico-check
File Management ico-check ico-minus
Service reports, analytics & CSAT ico-check ico-minus
Productivity features (Tags, Mentions & Notes, Collision Detection) ico-check ico-minus
Web & Mobile Apps ico-check ico-minus
Desktop App ico-check ico-minus
Native & Custom integrations ico-check ico-minus
Annual Savings By switching to helpwise ico-minus $3,480

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Migration as easy as cancelling your Help Scout subscription

Our one-click migration services paired with dedicated customer onboarding & success managers will leave you wondering as to why you didn't make the switch sooner.


Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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