Freshdesk is ‘not-so-fresh’ anymore.

Freshdesk is ‘not-so-fresh’ anymore

What makes Helpwise Shared Inbox the best Freshdesk alternative?

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Freshdesk has so many bells and whistles..

You spend countless hours just figuring out the platform. You pay unreasonably high subscription fees that keep changing randomly. For a company that prides itself on building long-lasting customer relationships, they provide a poor customer service.

Helpwise makes it easy to manage customer communication

Instead of complicating the onboarding steps, we make it easy for you set up your customer support center in minutes. Helpwise provides the kind of support it expects its customers will be able to provide using Helpwise i.e. in a cost and time-effective manner.

What our clients say about us

Brooke R

G2 Review

Helpwise is great for Team Inbox and Support across various channels

It is reliable, supports integrations and enables us to provide support across multiple channels. It works well and is constantly improving.

June W

G2 Review

“Excellent product and easy to use”

What I love the best is their customer service. They genuinely care about user input. We send feature requests, and suddenly to our surprise, they are implementing our ideas!

Nate A

G2 Review

"Excellent Helpdesk app at an affordable price!"

I've tried several helpdesk apps and landed with this one due to the simplicity and features match exactly what I am looking for. Helpwise runs smoothly without any issues.

Ever feel like big software companies don't care about their users?

You don't want provide a bad customer experience, nor do you want your teams to be overburdened with work. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting your process more than it helps.

Pay high subscription fees on Freshdesk for an incredibly slow product

“Very very slow tool. Analytics are poor. The loading time of tickets is way too high. The interface and design of features are so poor that we can't use them for customers. Latency is a huge issue.”

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Deal with incredibly poor service standards

“Fresdesk has brought us many more problems than we could solve with them, above all because their technical support is deficient. We began to lose clients since we could not solve the problems with freshdesk the agents never returned our calls and basically the message they sent us was that we were not important enough for them to deign to answer us”

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Spend time getting support rather than providing support

“Support is slow and unhelpful. I tried to change my billing currency, which I thought would be a reasonably simple task. It turns out I can't do it in the app, even though the support docs said I could. Support were more interested in pointing me in the direction of self-service support docs than just doing it for me.

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People who use Helpscout say their “Support is slow and unhelpful"

This is why customers choose Helpwise over Freshdesk

Provide customer service, not ticket service
Freshdesk provides a non-personal ticketing experience

Freshdesk is a ticketing system that routes tickets to the next available agent without any context. Agents often aren't able to solve problems and customers end up with unresolved queries and a headache.

Helpwise helps in providing a personalised inbox experience

In Helpwise, the customer feels like they're talking to human and not an agent handling a ticket. This helps in providing personalised feel to the customer and helps in improving conversion and retention.

Freshdesk creates new tickets for new conversations

If a customer reaches out to you multiple times on different channels, Freshdesk will create a ticket for each message everytime and assign it to different agents. This leads to a loss of context, agents being confused and customers being left frustrated.

Helpwise keeps conversations in the same thread

Helpwise keeps conversations from a customer in the same thread irrespective of which channel they're reaching out to you on. Conversation stays assigned to the respective agent and they end up providing better quality support, leaving customers satisfied and happy.

Keep your customers and team members happy
Switch hard work with smart work
Freshdesk has a Clunky and complex UI

Freshdesk can be pretty confusing and daunting to use because of its complex UI leading to a poor user experience.

Helpwise has a clean and simple UI

Helpwise is modeled after popular email clients and comes with a clean and simple UI that is loved by its users!

Simple pricing plans that stick with you forever

No need to worry about random price changes to your plan. Once you select a plan, the pricing will stay the same even if we change or introduce new plans.

HELP CENTER ico-check ico-check
WEBSITE CHAT CENTER ico-check Add-on for $28.49
per user per month
WEBSITE ENGAGE ico-check ico-minus
SMS INBOX ico-check ico-minus
SOCIAL MEDIA (FACEBOOK & TWITTER) ico-check ico-minus
INTEGRATIONS (CRM + ZAPIER) ico-check ico-check
UNIFIED INBOX ico-check ico-minus
Annual Savings
by switching to Helpwise

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Migration as easy as cancelling your Help Scout subscription

Our one-click migration services paired with dedicated customer onboarding & success managers will leave you wondering as to why you didn't make the switch sooner.


Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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