Don’t Drag your productivity down

Don't Drag your productivity down

What makes Helpwise Shared Inbox the best DragApp alternative?

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Drag makes it difficult to get things done in time..

You spend countless hours just figuring out the platform. You waste a lot of money for just a glorified Gmail experience that's worse than Gmail itself. For a platform that prides itself on allowing simplified teamwork, its users end up complicating their work instead.

Helpwise makes it easy to manage customer communication

Instead of complicating the onboarding steps, we make it easy for you set up your customer support center in minutes. Helpwise provides the kind of support it expects its customers will be able to provide using Helpwise i.e. in a cost and time-effective manner.

What our clients say about us

Brooke R

G2 Review

“Helpwise is great for Team Inbox and Support across various channels”

It is reliable, supports integrations and enables us to provide support across multiple channels. It works well and is constantly improving.

Nate A

G2 Review

"Excellent Helpdesk app at an affordable price!"

I've tried several helpdesk apps and landed with this one due to the simplicity and features match exactly what I am looking for. It works like Gmail except is a lot more powerful.

Shade O

G2 Review

"Easy to set up and use!"

I love the fact that the interface is very similar to Gmail so it not hard to get familiar with the platform. In addition, the fact that we can set different permissions for each team member is great!

Ever feel like big software companies don't care about their users?

You don't want provide a bad customer experience, nor do you want your teams to be overburdened with work. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting your process more than it helps.

Spend more time on training and learning how to use Drag

“It has a high learning curve, so entry isn't super easy, which makes it hard for us as we have a high rotation of volunteers and interns.”

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Find it difficult to set up automations on Drag

“Setting up automation and automatic task were difficult for the average user to implement. We frequently reached out to our IT and they were able to solve it.”

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Deal with a buggy and clunky experience on Drag

“There are some bugs, like inbox count disappearing. I also had to clear my entire cache and cookies after install because it was messing up the functionality of other sites.”

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People who use Drag say their “emails go missing”

This is why customers choose Helpwise over DragApp

Service more customers instead of being limited by platform incapabilities
Drag works on top of Gmail only

With Drag, you can manage Gmail conversations only. This means Drag can't build any 3rd party integrations. You will need to build complicated zaps using Zapier to integrate your CRMs and other tools.

Helpwise is channel independent

Helpwise allows you to connect multiple channels like Gmail, Outlook, Social media, Live Chat, Whatsapp, SMS & more to its platform. You can connect your CRM using our native integrations which sync data both ways.

You can't create Help centers using Drag App

Drag doesn't provide the functionality to create a knowledge base for your customers. Knowledge bases are useful when you want to create a repository of self-help articles & proposals and share it with your customers

Set up smart self-help articles using Help center in Helpwise.

We offer you the ability to create knowledge bases for free. You can easily create how-to articles or proposals for your clients. These articles are fully customizable too!

Reduce team burden and automat customer education
Ensure fast responses with rules for unactioned conversations
Can't set up Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on Drag

You can't create service-level agreements or SLAs for your shared inbox on Drag. This can lead to missed conversations, slow response rates and ultimately a poor experience for your customers.

Set up time-based rules using SLAs on Helpwise

With Helpwise, you can easily set up SLAs that can get triggered when a conversation stays unactioned for (remove a) some time. You can set up the actions that should be taken like escalation to an available agent, tagging & more.

Simple pricing plans that stick with you forever

No need to worry about random price changes to your plan. Once you select a plan, the pricing will stay the same even if we change or introduce new plans.

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G2 regularly publishes reports comparing top business solutions based on ratings given by those products' customers.

Migration as easy as cancelling your Help Scout subscription

Our one-click migration services paired with dedicated customer onboarding & success managers will leave you wondering as to why you didn't make the switch sooner.


Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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