Words like shared email or shared inbox are probably very familiar to any business owner. Nowadays, email is still one of the primary means of communication to and from customers. It also serves as a link among your employees.

So, you should invest in the most efficient and time-saving options. Shared inbox is one of the better choices. But, to pick the best shared inbox, you need to consider certain things.

Let’s take a look in more detail…


A business needs to respond fast to any inquiries. Maybe a client is having trouble, or a potential partner has a proposition. Either way, if you let their letter sits in the inbox for a prolonged time, you might lose the opportunity.

You may consider using a shared email account, but there are more drawbacks than perks. Your employees will have to scramble to untangle which email belongs to which person. It can take up time, and some letters could still end up lost.

Also, individual messages can be answered twice. The recipient might receive two separate answers to the same problem. This further complicates communication.

You may try to send out letters to the appropriate team member’s email. However, this option is still convoluted. Most importantly, it’ll take up time and resources. Messages can be mixed up and sent to the wrong person.

Sharing an email account might be viable if you operate a small business and have a small team. That way, you can properly coordinate and supervise who answers that email.

However, as your business grows, you should consider investing in a shared inbox. Choosing the best shared inbox for your business can help to clear your email clutter. It also provides efficiency for your employees.

All in One Place

The shared inbox usually incorporates several features in one place. Your inbox can be connected with the help desk. Each issue that the client has can be marked.

The person (or persons) working with the issue will be able to see the previous actions. This will increase client satisfaction because problems will be solved more quickly.

Additionally, the information regarding the context will be readily available. A help desk can accumulate previous solutions or provide insights into repeated problems.

There’s a chance to connect your shared inbox with other business tools you might be using. Your inbox can log your calls and messages from the customer.

Different devices may access the shared inbox. You won’t have to limit yourself to only working on a computer.

As long as you have sufficient access, you will be able to read your emails on the go. It’s especially useful during work trips or similar events when you are out of the office. A timed reply can open new opportunities.


Another great perk of the shared inbox is facilitating better communication between your team. You will no longer have to send emails back and forth between employees. With a decent shared mailbox, you will be able to manage the workflow better.

Internal emails will no longer be a thing. People using the shared inbox will be able to see the whole thread of the email.

Your employees might even chat with each other within the thread. This enables them to discuss certain aspects before replying to the email they received.

Working on the issues or questions together will increase dependability. This goes for both clients and employees.

Most of the best shared inbox selections will also have the option to assign work. This way, the influx of emails can be quickly given to a responsible person. This ensures that an employee won’t have to sift through the whole list to find relevant ones.

Placing tags or labels will ensure correct or timed responses. And the ability to keep track of who’s viewing the thread will remove the duplicate responses.

Security is not an issue either. While every email is accessible to all employees, each one’s assigned their own logins. This means that you can only reply under your own name. And the thread keeps track of those replies.

Save Time

Having all the work concentrated in one space will save time. Your employees won’t have to connect to several programs to research the issue or check specific facts.

With possible integration, your team can efficiently deal with the emails assigned directly to them. Achieving inbox zero is possible with the best shared inbox.

Another feature of a good inbox is the ability to show the statistics. The shared mailbox can provide analytics on how often emails are received, who are the most probable senders, and similar elements. It can even measure individual performance.

Transparency is one more benefit. Shared inbox will allow for different groups in the workforce to be aware of what each employee is doing.

For example, customer support and product design teams might profit from a shared thread of emails involving a specific product.

Crucial for Business

All in all, if you’re still considering whether to invest in a shared inbox, keep in mind that the best shared inbox will provide three undeniable advantages.

You’ll be faster in your response time. Employees will no longer send out internal emails. The shared inbox will provide a platform for a connected message screen. Email threads and relevant information are available for all employees.

This increases productivity. Emails will be assigned to a specific person, and they can directly handle the issue. Employee teams can coordinate their actions, check on details, and provide timely responses to the recipient.

Teamwork is the last perk of a shared inbox. Statistical information can help monitor the performance of the employees.

This leads to transparency. With all the information in one place, you can quickly check up on things. It’s also a bonus when a new person is accepted to a position and needs to catch up.

Have You Found the Best Shared Inbox for Your Business?

An excellent shared mailbox is an irreplaceable tool for fast-paced businesses. So, if you have any questions about selecting the best shared inbox, consider dropping us a message. We’re more than happy to help!