Helpwise announces it’s an Asana Technology Partner delivering shared inbox solutions for customer communication management

Today, we would like to announce that we are joining the newly launched Asana Partners as a technology partner, helping to build connected workflows that distributed teams use every day. With over 200 Technology Partners, including Helpwise, and an extensive global channel partner ecosystem, Asana Partners enables organizations to move faster and coordinate work effortlessly, no matter where their employees are located.

Featuring deep integrations with today’s essential workplace apps, Asana offers a single platform for distributed work which eliminates information silos and streamlines work, ensuring remote teams spend less time coordinating and more time creating. Powered by Asana’s Work Graph data model, teams can collaborate and manage workflows without manually creating action items and toggling between tools.

“Asana has been a great partner for Helpwise and its new Asana Partners program is an amazing step in building and nurturing deeper relationships with new integration partners as it allows companies, like ours, to access its huge customer base. Asana really helps you every step of the way and together, we’re making it easier for teams to collaborate and communicate with customers,” said Prabhat Mishra, Product Manager, Helpwise.

Helpwise’s Asana integration allows teams to fetch task information and create or edit tasks directly from Helpwise for any particular customer. This allows greater flexibility for users by giving them the ability to manage their customer communication along with their tasks from one platform. 

“With the launch of Asana Partners, we’re excited to be expanding our global network of technology partners, helping create integrated workflows that allow our customers to achieve success, whether they’re collaborating in-person or remotely,” said Billy Blau, Head of Business and Corporate Development, Asana. “Together, we’re connecting the enterprise’s most essential integrations, like Helpwise, to create the platform for distributed teams, helping organizations around the world advance their digital transformation efforts and work together more seamlessly than ever before.”

Asana helps more than 93,000 paying organizations and millions of free organizations across 190 countries, orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Leading companies rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns. 

Joining Asana Partners gives you the opportunity to create more value for your customers by building apps on Asana’s platform. For more information about Asana Partners, visit:

About Helpwise:

Helpwise is a shared inbox solution that allows customer-facing teams to effectively manage customer communication from various channels like Email, Social Media, SMS, Whatsapp, Live Chat, and much more, via a single platform. Users don’t need to share passwords or CC/BCC emails anymore, each user can create their own personal account to manage all the conversations with their team. You can use features like Rules to automate conversation assignment, replies, tagging of conversations, and much more! Helpwise gives users greater flexibility and control over their customer conversations by centralizing them in one place and giving them the ability to collaborate with team members. 

If you’d like to explore how the Asana integration works on Helpwise or how the Heplwise shared inbox works, feel free to schedule a demo with our product experts.