Customer service affects every single business on the planet. Whether you’re selling a product, providing a service, or otherwise, the paying customer requires some degree of support to build trust in your efforts.

But when you start amassing tens of thousands of customers, how can you possibly manage to uphold this? The best way to go about it today is through automating customer service, and that’s something Helpwise can help you with.

How, exactly? Well read on and we’ll let you know the many ways in which Helpwise makes automating customer service tasks easier no matter your business model.

Automating Customer Service: Why Automate?

Before we go into how Helpwise can help, let’s first explain why you should automate your customer services in the first place.

Automating your customer service means working towards removing human involvement from the process. One benefit of this is the ability to operate customer services 24/7 through systems like automation rules

This allows you to process more customer inquiries. Customers can find the information they need through an automated system. It’s important to note that automation doesn’t fully replace human interaction.

The best companies will combine this automation with a solid customer service team on hand. Automation should serve as the first port of call for customer inquiries. It should filter through problems that can only be handled by a human touch where necessary.

This allows you to solve every problem a customer may be facing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Take a look at our previous post to find out exactly why automating customer service is the way forward.

Now that you know why you should automate, we’ll let you know how Helpwise can help.

The Shared Inbox System

Helpwise provides a shared inbox solution to all of your customer service needs. By using the shared inbox you can filter all customer inquiries into one place.

You can then allow individual team members access to the shared inbox through their log-in details. This is a far more secure option than sharing a single password between users.

The shared inbox model also allows all your team members to see responses being written to inquiries in real-time. This streamlines the customer support process from a human-to-human interaction standpoint. It also works to ensure your staff isn’t sending any duplicate or contradictory emails to customers.

The ability to work from a shared inbox also allows your team to work together to solve complex issues. Helpwise offers a chat feature on each email so that your team can discuss the best way to respond to each email, where required.

This all combines to provide a more efficient and productive system for your customer service team. But where Helpwise goes one step beyond others is how automation can be combined with the shared inbox system to help you build the best customer service response team possible.

Automating Rules

Helpwise allows users to create automation rules directly onto the shared inbox. These rules will then be followed by every single user and email received.

Email automation rules can be tailored to the individual needs of your customer service team. For example, you can set a generic email reply to be sent to all emails. This generic response can include an FAQ page where customers can find out an answer to their query. This can also include a request for further information if a response is needed.

With automation rules, it’s all about creating specific funnels for your customer service team. Another great way of doing this is creating specific responses based on what an inquiry is about.

You can have an email requesting more information if someone has reported a fault with your product. Or, you can send a list of frequent solutions to a log-in problem for customers to try before they speak to a member of staff.

This is an excellent way of making your customers feel cared for. It also limits the amount of time spent responding to your customer service team. 

Helpwise can also automatically assign certain emails to certain staff members. This can be great if one of your employees specializes in particular responses, like IT. 

It means you don’t have to do anything manually, as the team member will automatically be assigned to respond through the shared inbox. This also makes it clearer for your customer service team to understand what role they have to play in the team overall.

Advanced Automation Through Business Tool Integration

If you require a more advanced level of automation in your customer service efforts, Helpwise can assist with that also. Helpwise can connect with over 1500 different business tools using our Zapier integration.

This includes integration with phone systems, e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management, and more.

Helpwise can then serve as a unifying presence in your customer service operations. These advanced customization tools can then automate in any way your business requires. Find out how you can integrate with Zapier using our helpful step-by-step guidance page.

Where Can I Sign Up For Helpwise?

Now you know the importance of automating customer service and the many ways in which Helpwise can assist. But this isn’t all Helpwise can do to benefit your business. Helpwise also has solutions for Finance, HR, and other crucial aspects of your business model.

Not only that, but Helpwise offers a completely free 14-day trial period which can be canceled at any time. You can use this trial period to sample our services and see if the automated shared inbox model is right for you.

After your trial, we offer numerous different pro plans with additional features that ensure Helpwise is fully optimized to support your business and its continued growth. 

Sign up today, or if you want to find out more, make sure you talk to our chat support directly on our website!