Integrating your customer communication management tool with Stripe so that you can analyse churn risk, see conversation history, and CSAT scores directly from Stripe.

We all prefer work to be streamlined and simplified, but businesses today use dozens of products. While each product in isolation is critical, they are often siloed, causing clunky workflows, disjointed collaboration, and manual rework. That’s why we’re working with Stripe, a leading financial infrastructure platform, to launch the Helpwise app on the new Stripe App Marketplace. 

The Helpwise app for Stripe integrates our two services so that you can: 

1. See customer conversation history from Helpwise directly inside your stripe dashboard for any customer. 

2. Check customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) inside stripe

3. Analyse churn risk by understanding what issues a customer is currently facing, how unhappy they are and the possibility of them churning by getting an overview of how your support team is handling their issues. 

We’re launching as one of the first apps in the new Stripe App Marketplace and can’t wait to hear what you think. You can get check out the Helpwise app for Stripe today by visiting this link –

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