Are you looking for a way to make it easier for employees to communicate with one another and improve company communication as a whole? Do you need a better way to service your clients and give them the help they need fast?

If you want a solution to both problems, you’ll consider using a team inbox for all of your e-mail communication needs.

A team inbox (also known as a shared inbox) complies all of your team-specific communications in one place for easy access. 

Are you intrigued of the idea of having all of your emails in one easy to access place? Read on to learn why so many companies have switched to using a team inbox.

5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Team Inbox 

We’re so used to keeping our emails private that the thought of using an inbox that everyone can access can seem strange. But the reality is that having a team inbox can do wonders for your clients and your team.

If you aren’t convinced that you’d want to use a shared inbox at work, you’ll be eager to make one for your team after you see why they can be the ultimate communication tool for professionals. 

1. Get Through Every Single Email

The term inbox zero has a lot of pull with professionals. When you receive countless emails every day, it may seem like it’s impossible to read them all, let alone respond to them and store ones you don’t need.

Using a team inbox can help you reach inbox zero in nearly no time. 

Since all of your emails will be in one easy to access place, your team members can divide up the emails you receive and strategize on the best way to handle each one. 

They can easily hand off messages to specific people by re-assigning ownership. If you need to get someone else’s input on messaging or the right way to reply, you can use internal comments to coordinate the right way to respond.

You won’t have to worry about wasting time on endless email chains to get something to the right person. And you can say goodbye to having multiple people send the same message. 

2. Respond Faster 

Imagine the following scenario: 

An important client is having a serious problem, and they need to get in touch with someone ASAP. The only problem is that they picked a time where their main point of contact is out on PTO, home with the flu, or is just unreachable.

Many of you don’t have to imagine the scenario, plenty of you have had this problem happen. 

In today’s highly connected world a lot of people expect an almost immediate response as soon as they hit send. Sometimes even the fastest e-mail responders are going to be busy with other tasks.

Luckily, this is where having a team inbox can come in handy. 

Instead of a client having to rely on one person for a timely response, they’ll have an entire team of people that are ready to reply as soon as the email lands in the inbox.

3. Achieve True Transparency 

Transparency is important in every workplace. It helps make employees feel like they work for a trustworthy organization, and it helps managers and owners know that their employees can come to them with any problems they may have.

When you work in a large team, transparency is even more important. If managers in the organization and other employees don’t have insight into how and why important decisions are made, it’s can be easy for teams to fall out of sync. 

Sharing an inbox with your team can give everyone the transparency they need.

Having a shared inbox means that every team member can see how managers come to conclusions on important decisions. They’ll be able to see how managers and other teammates handle e-mail communications and can follow their lead.

This transparency can also be very helpful whenever you bring on a new hire. A new employee may wonder to handle a certain client or may want more insight into past communications. 

Instead of trying to describe something to them, you can show them how it’s done by giving them access to email and chat history with the client. They won’t have to guess the right way to approach problems, they’ll already know what to do.

4. Have All Communication Tools in One Place

The average modern office uses a variety of tools for communication, e-mail is only one important channel you rely on.

Plenty of people in your office probably have cell phones the company pays for. You also may use an SMS tool like Slack or Gchat to talk to people in the office. 

Imagine being able to have all of your important communication tools in a single place. You don’t have to imagine it, a shared inbox can make that a reality. 

Plenty of shared inboxes allow integration with other important communication tools you use and can give you a streamlined approach to customer service and communication.

Now instead of having fragmented communication channels, you can have everything in one convenient and easy to access place.

5. Earn Valuable Insight

Your client claims that it takes forever to get answers from a certain employee, but your employee claims that they always answer emails within an hour of when they’re sent.

Instead of having to wonder who is telling the truth, you can easily access all of the e-mail information you need through your team inbox. 

A team inbox can give you a lot of important information into client/employee communication. You can easily see how quickly people are responding to messages, and see how they communicate with one another.

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A team inbox can do a lot for both your clients and your employees. You’ll gain insight into relationships, increase response time, and give employees and clients a better experience overall.

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