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More Features, Better Pricing, Helpful Support Team

Helpwise provides all the features in its premium plan, which more affordable than Hiver.
Helpwise Premium
$20 per user per month
Hiver Pro
$39 per user per month
Shared Inboxes 10
You can add more inboxes.
Help Center
Website Chat Widget
Website Engage
SMS Inbox
WhatsApp (Powered By Twilio)
Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
Integrations (CRM + Zapier) No CRMs(Only Zapier)
Unified Inbox
Annual Savings
by switching to Helpwise

G2 Ratings

G2 regularly publishes reports comparing top business solutions based on ratings given by respective competitors. Here's how Helpwise compares with Hiver.
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Setup your support team on Helpwise easily

Helpwise allows you to manage all your communication methods with your customer at one place. With shared inboxes for email, SMS, WhatsApp, website chat widget and social media accounts, you can easily collaborate with your team.
Helpwise team inboxes
Helpwise Team Inboxes

Team inboxes for Email, SMS, WhatsApp and your business social media account is a must for growing teams.

Learn more
Helpwise website chat widget
Live Chat Widget

With Helpwise live chat widget, you can convert more leads and reduce churn rate by providing instant solution to your customers.

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Helpwise Help Center
Help Center

Easily setup a Help Center website for your customers and reduce the support queries.

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Make It Easier For Your Team To Manage Customer Conversations

As business grows, it becomes a struggle to manage customer, sales or internal emails(billing, hiring) across the company. And, then we make a blunder by sharing email logins among team members. We understand the chaos that it creates because we have been through the same pain during our previous gigs & businesses. So, this is exactly why we built Helpwise - the shared inbox that really works!
Shared inboxes for social
media channels

Unlike Hiver, Helpwise offers the ability to manage your social media conversations like Facebook chats, Whatsapp conversations, Twitter DMs, SMS right from one platform. Hiver is an email only client whereas Helpwise is suited for all your business communication needs.

Dedicated help center

Hiver doesn’t offer the ability to create a Help Center or a knowledge base whereas Helpwise does offer this feature and you can totally white-label it or customise it. A knowledge base or Help center allows you to store help articles that you can send to your customers if they’re facing a query. You can also use this to store internal team documents or to train new recruits.

Live chat widget

Hiver is an email only shared inbox which only allows you to share emails between team members. Helpwise on the other hand, allows you to create live chat widgets for your website which you can use to communicate or engage with your customers. You and your team can then assign or delegate these chat conversations and attend to them right from Helpwise.

Can work outside of gmail

Hiver is a Gmail only client that only works over your Gmail account. And let’s face it, Gmail’s UI doesn’t have everything and the UI can be improved considerably. Helpwise offers a user friendly interface and has it’s own app that doesn’t need Gmail to work on.

Native Integrations

Hiver doesn’t have any native integrations since it works over Gmail. You will have to use Zapier to connect different apps. Helpwise offers native integrations with popular crms like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Asana and many more!

Unified Inbox

Helpwise unified inbox is separate from all the shared inboxes. This makes you focus on important conversations easily and enjoy the benefit of unified inbox without distraction.Hiver doesn't have a unified inbox and conversations are scattered everywhere. Making it hard to find the relevant conversation.

In the nutshell, Helpwise is a clean, feature loaded & made-for-business Gmail that we all wish for.


Help Center For Your Product Guides

  • Easy to setup & customize
  • Share guide links easily in your replies
  • Custom domain to personalise the site
  • Track customer response on help guides

Chat Widget For Your Website

Easy to setup chat widget allows you to communicate with your customers directly from your platform. Solve customer queries quickly and capture leads.

  • Capture leads coming to your website
  • Automatic email reply allows you to conversate with the visitor even when they are not on your platform
  • Provide resolution in less time, leading to happy customer
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Hear from our customers

Learn how companies around the globe use Helpwise to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do business.

Incredible Team with an Impressive Product
Helpwise is a great command center for client care & support. After our first login, we immediately saw the potential. Looking for a more cost-effective solution for our current provider (Zendesk), we were happy to find Helpwise. Even more of a surprise was the team heading Helpwise. Always ready to help and listen to suggestions, which sealed the deal after my first interaction.
-Steven B
Excellent Intercom alternative at a fraction of the price
Comprehensive support solution that includes shared inboxes for email, SMS, website chat, WhatsApp etc. Since becoming a customer, I've submitted lots of feature requests and many of them have already been implemented. They usually respond to my inquiries within minutes, and they're always very helpful and courteous.
-Brad K
Really good and efficient solution for shared and private mailboxes!
Ease of use, Great Support (chat) which is able to give answers to all questions or solve (whenever possible) problems within very short time, Easy to share mailboxes between different coworkers, no duplicate actions, Possibility to get rid of other helpdesk systems, Unlimited storage of old(closed) emails. Perfect repository
-Torsten S

Shared Inbox For Web, iOS and Android

If you are on your workdesk or in the field or traveling, Helpwise is always a click away. Access your team emails from our web app and mobile apps.

shared inbox web android ios

Have Questions about Helpwise Shared Inbox? Check out these FAQs

We have written down answers to some of the frequently asked questions. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ping us on chat or email as at

A shared inbox is an inbox that allows multiple people to send and receive email from the same address. This is great for a company that might want to share the load of responding to customer inquiries, for example. Any member of the shared mailbox may respond to an email sent to the shared address. And, you can easily track performance of your team members & other key metrics around these emails.

Why to use shared inbox?

  1. If you have multiple team members sharing a single email address login, you must move them to a shared inbox to ensure uniform sharing of load, to have tracking & transparency on who is doing what and to ensure data security.
  2. Shared inbox also saves you from sending duplicate replies with different information. It shows you if someone else from your team is replying to a particular email in real-time hence stopping you from sending a duplicate reply.
  3. No more CCs, BCCs and forwards required as everyone has access to the email. You can easily tag other team members internally without cc'ing or forwarding email.
  4. Collaborate with different team members within the email thread to send correct replies - everytime!
  5. Integrate with other business tools to take better decisions & automate workflows

Yes, you get 7-day free trial. Signup, create inboxes, invite your team members and use Helpwise for 7 days for free. No credit card required.

Helpwise Shared Inbox is a great fit for any team that receives a lot of emails & multiple team members can either reply to those emails or need access to those emails. We have seen that following teams usually find shared inbox really useful:

  1. Customer Support Team: All customer queries drop into a single inbox from where these queries can be assigned to different support agents to provide quick query resolutions.
  2. Customer Success Team: To ensure that everyone from Customer Support Team are on the same page for every customer & providing great experience to existing customers.
  3. Sales Team: Never miss a single lead & always reply in time to potential leads and ongoing deal threads. Collaborate with other team members on pricing, offers & contacts.
  4. Finance Team: Manage all your accounting, billing & approvals emails from single shared mailbox.
  5. HR Team: Manage all your inbound job applications, interview schedules from single mailbox. Get feedback from other team members on candidates by using inbuilt collaboration features. No more internal emails or random chat pings.
  6. Procurement Team: Make purchasing super easy & trackable by brining in all your procurement related emails in single shared inbox.
  7. Operations Team: Operations will no longer require gazillions of CCs, BCCs and Forwards. Have every stakeholder in the same inbox and get things done efficiently.

Good question. We have seen that as you start growing as a team, multiple team members handle a common email account like or As long as founders or core team is doing this, it is fine but it starts becoming chaotic when you start onboarding new team members. Once you delegate these emails to your employees, you are not only prone to privacy of customer data risks but also, you can't really track who is doing good & bad.

As you scale and number of emails start to increase, it becomes even more chaotic to evenly shared the work load among team members in an automatic manner. So, instead of sharing passwords for your team email accounts, you should opt for a shared inbox software.

How a shared inbox can help you scale faster with less chaos & fewer mistakes?

  • You can easily share the workload among team members to ensure timely replies
  • Use in-built automation and workflows to boost producivity of your agents and other team members
  • As every team member has his/her own login for the same email address, it takes care of any security risk that may arise in a shared email account.
  • Put a full stop on sending contradicting duplicate replies, that happens when multiple team members are sharing an email account and not aware that someone else is also replying to the same email.

Your team starts enjoying the benefits of using a shared inbox within minutes of getting onboarded. By efficiently sharing the work load among different team members & avoiding any duplicate work, your team will become more productive.

Your team will save up to 25 hours per agent per month which can easily be channelized to do other high value tasks. Moreover, the average response time to your emails will come down hence resulting in quick replies and happy customers.

Absolutely! You can use Helpwise not only as our web app but also on your Android and iOS device.

Absolutely! it is safe to connect your Google account as Helpwise's use of information received, and Helpwise's transfer of information to any other app, from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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