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Want to access your calendar directly from your Helpwise inbox?

Empower your agents to view and create events on your EasyCalendar directly from Helpwise. Integrate EasyCalendar to reduce app switching and improve productivity.



By integrating EasyCalendar with Helpwise, you can track event information directly from your Helpwise account. You can also create events in EasyCalendar.

Things you can do using the Helpwise-EasyCalendar integration:

  1. Get event information directly on Helpwise.
  2. Create events right from Helpwise.
  3. Insert calendar links in emails.
  4. Insert time slots while composing emails.
Help agents work faster

Helpwise has a 2-way sync integration with EasyCalendar. This means, your team won't have to update the information on both apps, every time. No need for app switching.

Quick and easy setup

Integrating your calendar with Helpwise takes less than 30 seconds. Just click on Connect EasyCalendar, follow the on-screen instructions and set it up easily.

Easy access to meetings

Reduce app switching time and create/update events or meetings directly from Helpwise. Stay productive right from your inbox.

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Abraham C

Social Media Manager

Helpwise helps me manage my customer service tasks efficiently because I can monitor so many channels in just one dashboard. No need to open each channel's website to interact with customers.

Angie N

Web Designer

The support offered by Helpwise has been incredible. There has never been a time that they haven't attended to a question quickly and had it sorted out asap. I can see this is a tool that I will be using every day as a vital part of my business tech stack.

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