Shared Inbox for your Zoho CRM

Access your customer's information from Zoho right within your email threads in Helpwise.

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Create Contacts & Deals in Zoho From Email Threads

By integrating your Zoho account with Helpwise, you can track real-time Zoho contact and deal information directly on your Helpwise account. Create new contact or deal in your Zoho CRM directly from Helpwise.
Contact Information

Create and update Zoho contact information directly from Helpwise.

Deal Information

Create and update Zoho deals directly from Helpwise.


One-click access to Zoho contact

Easily track your customer's profile in Zoho from Helpwise, while writing your reply to their emails.
  • Fetch contact information from Zoho
  • Update their Zoho profile directly from your Helpwise mailbox
  • Create new Zoho contact profile

Access Zoho Deals

With Zoho integration, you can track and update Zoho deals directly on Helpwise.

  • See deals associated with the customer your writing the email to
  • Create new deal directly from Helpwise
  • Update the Zoho deal information directly from Helpwise
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How Helpwise Shared Inbox works?

Get up & running with your shared inbox within minutes. It is as easy as creating a Gmail account. Already using another shared inbox service? We can help you migrate your settings, team & data.

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    Connect Email Account

    Follow easy screen options to configure your shared inbox. You can opt to send emails from own domain or Helpwise servers.

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    Shared Inbox is Live!

    That's it! your shared inbox is live now with every team member having their on separate logins.

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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