Shared Inbox for Ecommerce Brands

Customer service is the most important revenue generation method for ecommerce companies

Helpwise allows ecommerce companies to manage communications from all platforms in a single place efficiently. (emails, fb, ig, whatsapp, sms, live chat in brackets beneath)

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Assign & Tag Emails

Assign & Tag Support related queries easily

An E-commerce support agent's job is to keep the customers happy due to which they are under a lot of pressure. Keeping a track of all customer queries in a sea of conversations can be a time consuming task.

Which is why, every ecommerce team needs a powerful centralised inbox that does the heavy lifting for you and allows you to assign case emails to relevant support agents and tag support related emails easily.

Chat Within Email Threads

Collaborate on customer queries with your team

Gone are the days where you had to take screenshots of emails or cc/bcc them to share them with your team members.

Using Helpwise, you can internally chat within the email, chat, social media threads and work with other agents or team members from other departments like billing, shipping to collaborate on customer queries using our Notes feature.

Collision Detection

Prevent Double Replies and Duplicate Responses

Tracking which team member is reading the same conversation as you on the other end is impossible if you're not using a shared inbox. It can lead to problems like double responses and contradicting replies.

Helpwise's inbuilt Collision Detection system helps in preventing this issue by showing you which team member is reading the same conversation as you at that moment.

Automate Tasks

Automate conversation handling

Would't you love it if there were some kind of technology that would automatically handle customer queries for you? Using our Automation Rules feature, you can automate tasks like conversation assignment, email tagging, replies, forwards and much more!

This will help you automate tasks inside your inbox and let you devote time on the things that matter i.e winning cases.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

We all know that if you're not tracking KPIs as an E-commerce brand, you're not winning because you don't know which area you can improve upon.

Using Helpwise's Reports features, you can analyse how your customer support is performing, how many queries you've received and your team has handled, the customer satisfaction scores and much more!

Provide The Quickest And Best Possible Customer Support From Just One Platform

Help Center

Using the Help center you can store help articles that you can send to your customers. You can create personlised and branded articles around your product features, shipping policies, operational procedure and much more.

Universal Inbox

The Universal Inbox allows teams to view conversations from all of their inboxes in a single view. The saves you a lot of time and allows you to respond to your customers faster.

Chat Bots

Why hire more team members when Chatbots can work like an employee of your brand? Using Chatbots, you can automate conversation handling and reduce customer churn easily.


You can create and share customer satisfaction surveys to gather customer feedback and measure their satisfaction ratings easily with CSAT.

Files Manager

Helpwise's dedicated file manager allow you to manage your all files between all inboxes. You can search your files, filter files, mark important, bulk download using the file manager. You can search for invoices, pdfs, return slips etc.

Chat Automation

Our Engage feature allows companies to trigger chat messages on their website using our live chat widget. Engage allows you to start a conversation with your customers on your website even before they start a conversation with you.

In a nutshell, Helpwise is a clean, feature loaded & made-for business inbox that centralises all customer communication in one place and provides team collaboration capabilities.

"One of the best SaaS products I've purchased. Incredible product and value backed by a great team."

Helpwise allows my team to communicate with inbound inquiries in a collaborative fashion quickly and without any fuss. It is easy enough to configure to 'just work' right away but has powerful features that we can implement at our own pace. For us, an essential part of any SaaS is the team behind it - both development and support. My experience with both has been great.

Rhys L

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