Helpwise: Easy-to-use & affordable customer service platform

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Smarter customer service made simple

Helpwise is an easy to use customer service platform that helps you manage all customer communication from a single place.

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Unify customer experiences across multiple channels

Answer all customer queries across multiple channels from one single place in less time.


Revamp how you handle customer communication

Transform your customer communication strategy, and help more customers by utilising automation and collaboration features of Helpwise.

Personalise customer engagement at scale

Publish hyper-personalised content that helps you engage with your customers in an automated way.

Popups ico-arrow-white

Trigger chat window popups to drive conversations.

Mailers ico-arrow-white

Build custom audiences and send out bulk mailers like product updates, newsletters.

Banners ico-arrow-white

Display visually engaging information on your website. (coming soon)

Forms ico-arrow-white

Create embedable forms to collect customer information like feedback, details and more.

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Improve productivity by automating mundane tasks

Reduce hard work, and make way for smart work by setting up automations for quick customer communication.

RULES ico-arrow-white

Automate repetitive tasks like assignment, tagging, replies.

SLA ico-arrow-white

Create SLAs to ensure fast response times.

Smart assignment ico-arrow-white

Distribute conversations based on team workload.

Integrations ico-arrow-white

Integrate with top CRMs, task management tools, calendars etc.

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Provide support on multiple channels from a single place

Collaborate with your team members inside customer conversations to provide quick and accurate resolution.

Universal Inbox ico-arrow-white

Unify your customer channels and handle queries from a single view.

Help Centers ico-arrow-white

Reduce inbound queries by setting up a self serve help center.

Chatbots ico-arrow-white

Create bots that handle chat support and reduce workload.

saved replies ico-arrow-white

Canned responses for repetitive queries.

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Make remote teamwork feel as easy as collaborating in person

Collaborate with your team members easily while replying to your customers using notes and mentions.

Notes & Mentions ico-arrow-white

Mention your team members or leave notes inside conversations.

Shared Drafts ico-arrow-white

Collaborate with your team in real-time while drafting replies.

Collision Detection ico-arrow-white

Prevent duplicate and contradictory replies.

Assign conversations ico-arrow-white

Delegate or assign conversations to team members.

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Improve support efficiency by taking decisions backed by data

Utilise customer analytics, team reports & customer satisfaction data to improve your query resolution rate.

Channel Performance ico-arrow-white

Analyse key metrics like query load, daily & hourly volumes and more.

Team performance ico-arrow-white

Analyse key metrics like resolution times, response times of your team members.

Customer satisfaction ico-arrow-white

Analyse customer satisfaction scores to improve support quality.

Real Time Performance ico-arrow-white

Real-time insights on your team's workload and awaiting queries.

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Fuel your workflows with powerful integrations

Power your communications by connecting calendars, task management apps, and CRMs using native integrations, or create your integration using our custom app feature.

One Platform fits all

Create and share product guides

Create how-to guides, update articles for your SaaS product using the Help Center feature and share it with your customers directly from your inbox.

Collaborate on providing support

Collaborate with your team in real-time using Notes & Internal Discussions to provide quick solutions to customers via email, live chat & social media using Helpwise.

Collect customer feedback

Use tools like CSAT & Forms to collect customer feedback on features improvements, service quality, product feedback & much more.

Integrate your CRM with your inbox

Provide customer support on various channels like email, live chat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, sms, and many more from one platform.

Improve communication flow

Track and manage deal related emails using tags and automation rules & write collaborative responses with your team which will improve your customer communication.

Create & share property brochures

Using the Help center, you can create property brochures and other informational material that you can share with your clients directly from Helpwise.

Supply chain management

Track and manage communication flow with vendors to ensure smooth management of the supply chain.

Manage important documents

Easily tag & manage bills, invoices, manifests and other important documents that are part of a conversation thread.

Improve workflows

Improve first response times using Automation rules & SLAs that allow you to set up rules like auto reply and auto-assign.

Provide omnichannel support

Provide customer support on various channels like email, live chat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, sms and many more from one platform.

Run conversational marketing campaigns

Increase sales by using tools like Live Chat, Engage & Chatbots to sell to your website visitors in a conversational manner.

Collect customer feedback

Capture customer feedback to improve service quality and product innovation using CSAT & Forms.

Manage guest bookings

Manage guest booking requests, communications, and confirmations while collaborating with your team all from one inbox using calendar integrations & an inbuilt file managing system.

Create and share stay & travel packages

Design digital travel brochures, hotel policies, pricing lists & a lot more using the Help center and share the links with your customers directly from your inbox.

Fast track customer requests

Automate conversation delgation, forwarding, replies, tagging by setting up Rules and improve your first response and query resolution times.

Communicate collaboratively

Share your inbox with your team and collaborate with your team in responding to client queries using Notes & Disucssions features.

Integrate task management tools

Integrate tools like Clickup, Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams & much more and convert your inbox into a collaborative tool for your team.

Automate routine tasks

Use Automation rules to set up up workflows that will automate tasks like query delegation, auto replies, archiving, tagging and much more.

Work across all your devices from wherever you are

On the move quite often? Or like working from multiple devices? Helpwise has a webapp, an iOS and an android application that allows you to take your work wherever you go.

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Getting started takes 5 minutes

Connect your existing team email accounts, invite your team members and start handling emails in a better & faster way than before.

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